We are all trying to find viable alternatives to plastic bags and the quest has led to us as a society looking at a lot of different materials for bagging purposes. After years of experimenting with different bag types the message remains clear; if we want to get value out of plastic bag alternatives, we need to use them and reuse them again and again. This is important both for the environment and your pocket.

Jute is an interesting material that whilst not overly popular amongst mainstream bag manufacturers have become more popular amongst environmentally conscious stores and wholesale suppliers like Abound. In today’s blog, we show you why jute is one of the best alternatives to plastic bags and why you should invest in some for your retail store.

  1. Jute is made from 100% natural materials

One of the great benefits of jute bags is the material. It is 100% natural and does not require a huge amount of processing to create the usable jute fabric. The natural element of the bag’s material is complemented by the sustainable way jute bags are often manufactured.

  1. Jute bags are manufactured in a sustainable way

As jute bags are made from natural materials this makes it easier for them to be produced in a sustainable way. Jute requires less water in the production than cotton making it more environmentally friendly than the other main option when it comes to fabric reusable bags. If you want to ensure the jute is sustainable, keep an eye out for the relevant symbols and logos regarding jute farming.

  1. Jute is good for both branding and design

If you plan on printing some branding on a reusable bag then you can rest assured that jute is a very good option. Whilst the coarse fabric may not appear good for printing, it actually takes ink very well and provided you give a bold and colourful design your logo and branding will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Governments around the world are promoting jute bags

The fourth and final great benefit of jute bags is the fact that governments around the world support their use. This is because of two key benefits. Firstly, jute is widely sourced from sustainable means, and secondly, because jute bags are highly reusable. If you are planning on using jute bags in your store this is worth considering as the bags could become even more affordable in the near future.

Order your jute bags from a sustainable source

So, there you have it. Four reasons why jute bags are one of the best available alternatives to plastic bags. If you want to order jute bags for your business, make sure you do it with an ethically sound supplier. The supply chain for jute is very important and if you go with a jute bag manufacturer that is 100% transparent about their process it will give you the peace of mind knowing that you have a sustainable bag for your customers.

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