The wristwatch may have begun as an essential tool for timekeeping on the go, but it is hard to remember a time when it wasn’t a fashion accessory as well. While the demand of the watch as a device for timekeeping may have diminished after smartphones began to reside in our pockets permanently, the appeal of the luxurious wristwatch has only grown in the recent years. Here we look at what makes a luxury watch a great gift for anyone.

What Truly Makes a Watch Premium?

Not much has changed in this regard, because watches manufactured by master watchmakers and the top luxury brands are still held in the same high esteem as they always were. Older, antique watches will also have more monetary value and historical significance, particularly so if they were made by one of the classic watchmakers.

However, the truly unique brands are those that have managed to retain their originality throughout the years, even when so many of their competitors had started to look like replicas of each other years ago! The UK’s own Bremont watches deserve special mention in this regard, as they are one of the few master watchmakers that have managed to stay away from following generic designs, while keeping their line-ups refreshed with premium launches across various categories.

Why Smartwatches Do Not Have the Same Gift Value as a Classic Watch

The digital revolution seems to have entered all facets of our lives, but if you are looking to buy a premium gift watch for someone you truly care about, stick to classic watches.

A smartwatch definitely has its appeals and feature sets, but it fails to bring the essence of a premium watch with it. A precious, robust and gorgeous wristwatch is not supposed to be a gadget; it’s a piece of art in the same way that an intricate diamond bracelet is. When you gift someone a smartwatch, it loses the timeless appeal which classic watches have retained through all these years.

Also, they are a bad investment, given that smartwatches lose support in roughly two years from their manufacturers, essentially turning them into outdated and very expensive junk! On the other hand, a premium watch from a classic watchmaker never loses its appeal; if anything, it grows in value with age.

The Precious Gift

Passing on a family heirloom watch as a gift has special significance to certain families, and that is the kind of value which transcends both time and money. A watch that has been in the family for generations has more memories and incredible moments connected to it than it might even be possible to estimate for the later generations, and it’s all set to meet new experiences on the wrist of its latest owner.

If there is one other point to keep in mind while choosing a gift watch, then it would be the fact that you can’t take the cheap route. You don’t necessarily have buy a Patek Phillipe of course, but you can’t go down too much on the budget either. Stick with a premium brand that offers a model within your budget, but skip gifting a watch altogether if you can’t afford anything other than high quality.

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