As the fall rolls around, cooler temperatures mean there are opportunities for some fun outdoor activities without worrying about overheating. For families, it can be the perfect time of year to explore nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Many of these activities can be made even more fun with a few of the best comfort bikes for kids and adults. Here are 10 activities to try as a family this fall.

1) Family Bike Ride

Taking a bike trip together is a great way to get some exercise during the fall. Check out some of the local bike trails. If you have young children, consider investing in the best city bikes for their age group.

2) Go Hiking

Another fun and fit fall activity is hiking. It is a nice way to see some nature and breathe in some fresh air. You can make your hike even more exciting by exploring local historic sites with your kids.

3) Fly a Kite

Take a trip to a nearby beach, park or field and bring your kite. This is a simple activity that can be picked up even by very young kids. It can also be a social activity as kites sometimes draw a crowd.

4) Go to a Local Game

Try riding your bikes down to a local minor league or high school game. In the fall, you can watch football which is often a local favorite. If your kids are football fanatics, you can also take them to watch a major league game on a weekend. You can buy tickets from the NFL website, team websites, or online ticket outlets similar to Moreover, you all could wear your favorite team’s t-shirt, paint your faces and make it a family day.

5) Visit a Corn Maze

This is a fall favorite. Corn mazes are a lot of fun for families. Just check that it is age-appropriate first. Some Halloween-themed mazes can be quite scary for little ones.

6) Go Bird Watching

Get a pair of Binoculars and a guidebook and go bird watching. This hobby requires a little patience but is a great way to improve familiarity with nature. Try combining this with hiking or biking.

7) Bundle Up at the Beach

Beaches and the coast can be surprisingly fun in the fall. Take a walk or bike ride along the shores and enjoy the sea air. Try challenging your children to find different shells along the way.

8) Scavenger Hunt

If your kids are old enough, a scavenger hunt can be an excellent fall activity. Better yet, the difficulty can be tailored to your kids’ ages and abilities.

9) Apple Picking

Another fall staple activity, apple picking is both a fun experience and one that comes with a reward. Consider using the apples to make pies together afterward.

10) Enjoy the Fall Leaves

Take a bike ride or a walk through the woods as the leaves turn. For younger kids, this can be a chance to run through the leaves. For older children and adults, it is a chance to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Prepare Your Fall Plan

All these activities are most enjoyable in the fall when the weather is cooler but not frigid. They can be even more fun with the right equipment. Check out outdoor games equipment, binoculars and hybrid bicycles for sale. A little preparation and planning can turn any fall weekend into a fun, family-bonding experience.

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