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Every year as we celebrate another Hari Raya Aidilfitri, our social media feeds will be filled with colourful, happy pictures of loved ones all decked out in Baju Raya Sedondon Family. Even in unprecedented times like 2020, our celebrations were not dampened as it was simply moved to the online spaces, if you may. Zoom Hari Raya became a thing, as families were forced to practice social distancing and limit visitors who would come to the house. 

But judging by all the family #OOTD posts, it seems the lack of Raya open houses did not equate to the lack of passion for fashion, as families showed off their matching outfits in their Raya pictures. Here are some of the popular themes we loved to see in your family snapshots!

1. Beautiful in Batik 

Is there any other Malay design more timeless than Batik? Recently we have seen more appreciation of the batik design even in modern fashion. This ancient form of drawing patterns with wax-resistant dye is synonymous with Malay culture. This year, we saw a mix of classic and modern Hari Raya outfits designed with either Javanese or Bali Batik which traditionally uses a printing block to create a uniformed pattern, or the abstract batik designed using the Canting technique, where no two designs are identical – making each person in your Baju Raya Sedondon Family picture look truly unique.  

2. Sophisticated in Songket

Songket had always been a symbol of luxury, as the intricate patterns were hand-woven with gold or silver threads on silk or cotton fabric, making it a very expensive fashion statement. In fact, traditionally this brocade-style fabric was reserved for the Malay royal families. Of course, now that modern technique has made the process of making a Songket piece faster, this design has become more accessible, hence us seeing it more frequently in people’s posts of their Baju Raya Sedondon Family. After all, isn’t Hari Raya Aidilfitri the occasion to dress like kings and queens?

3. Pretty in Pastel 

We saw a lot of millennials go with the pastel colour palette with hues such as rose gold, powder blue, mint, and lilac. Using cooling fabrics such as satin or cotton, these colours express youth and innocence, with their Baju Raya Sedondon Family pictures being gentle on the eyes and looking effortlessly classy. 

4. Graceful in Lace

Nothing says elegance quite as well as lace does on any design, really. The delicate design when layered against soft fabrics like satin or silk stands out among the other posts of Baju Raya Sedondon Family in our social media feed. In fact, it is one of the popular choices for baju kebaya designs, and when mother and daughter match their lace baju raya, they pretty much win the Raya #OOTD battle hands down. 

We saw so many other themes like botanical designs with floral or jungle aesthetics, bright, block colours for that bold look, and many others that brought out the cheer in an otherwise quiet year this Hari Raya Aidilfitri. We can definitely say we are looking forward to seeing which themes Malaysians would choose for next year’s celebration!

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