It’s great fun to get out on the open road and go for a drive. It does get boring after a while to do that just in the local area because you already know all the interesting places to visit.

Taking a casual drive for a day or going on a serious road trip lets you explore more of the UK by road and then get out to explore. Here are four trips to take in the UK.

Take a Trip Up to Scotland

There are some incredible sights to take in when you’re willing to go on a serious road trip. Once that springs to mind, venturing up to Bonny Scotland to the highlands and elsewhere like the North Coast 500 route is exciting. The sights are quite spectacular. Also, bring your umbrella because the weather is variable, and it gets colder too.

The distance to Scotland is considerable for most people in the UK. Your car must be able to handle the undulating roads and hills to come. It’s not all flat motorways! If you feel that your car is long overdue for an upgrade anyway, then start shopping for a new car? If you don’t have enough set-aside, do you need a low APR car loan for an affordable purchase? Shop around for some great loan deals.

Venture Off to the Isle of Man

The Snaefell Mountain Road over on the Isle of Man is an interesting place to visit. It’s a motorsport lover’s paradise because it’s the home of the famous TT motorcycle race, which is world-famous.

Indeed, if you get there and find your way to Douglas, then you can try the twisting delights of the run from Douglas to Ramsey that challenge many drivers on the race (don’t exceed the speed limits though).

Scenic Driving in the Lake District

The Lake District is a great place to visit by car.

It’s a good run to get up there, but there are also some interesting passes where there are some severe drop-offs, roads that narrow considerably, and bends that may even give you motion sickness!

One route to try once there is Little Langdale and then move along to the Wrynose Pass, which will begin to get more difficult. Next, proceed to the Hardknott Pass – an apt name – which involves navigating through multiple hairpins that would challenge even Formula 1 Champion, Lewis Hamilton.

Seeing the Sheep in Wales

Wales is still within the UK but proudly has its own language and heritage. While road signs are still understandable for people who don’t read the language, the terrain is interesting. Along with a rugged coastline to tour, there are moors, mountains, small villages, and more to explore.

Snowdonia is popular to drive to, and not just for the climbing community. For the sheer beauty of it, it’s worth it. Also, take in Rhyd or Porthmadog too. However, if you’re a fantasy fantastic, then Portmeirion is a village that heralds from 1925 and has stayed largely the same ever since. However, for the pure driving experience, get on the A487 near the Oakeley Arms towards Ffestiniog and you’ll be in for a great ride.

To get away from all your troubles, a road trip is always a great solution. Fill her up and get out on the open road today.

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