Even though we often think that we’re showing people we care, they may not interpret it in the way that we hope.  Not everyone has the same communication style when it comes to saying you love someone.

If you have a special someone in your life and you want to show them how special they are to you, try one of the following ways.

Give a Gift

For some people giving a gift is the ultimate way to demonstrate that you hold the person in high regard.  Whether you buy something for them or make it with your own two hands, a gift is an opportunity to show someone you care with a physical representation of your feelings.

It’s important to give a gift which you know the person will like.  The more personalized it is or in tune with their individual interests, the more meaningful it will be.

Although a gift of any sort is a kind gesture, a gift which doesn’t have much thought put into it is usually detected immediately.  Some people may be incredibly insulted by a generic gift with no meaning behind it. Therefore, if you’re going to give a gift, make sure its one that counts.

Give Them Physical Affection

Some people feel loved most when they are hugged, kissed, or even just touched with a hand.  This may or may not be an appropriate form of affection depending on the relationship.

For example, you probably don’t want to kiss your coworker or cuddle your senator.  However, if it’s a close family member, best friend, or lover, physical touch is usually much appreciated and appropriate.

In a romantic relationship, you should try to make physical contact every day.  When you have physical intimacy, you progress beyond just be friends or roommates.

Use Words of Affirmation

For many, the most literal form of saying you care about someone is to say it out loud.  Using words to express how you feel can be one of the most romantic and reassuring love languages.

You can do this by either writing it down in a card, singing a song or just saying it flat out.

Give Them Your Time

One of the most significant indications of whether a person cares is if they make time for you.  A person can give you all the hugs and gifts in the world; however, if they never make time in their schedule to spend time with you, then it’s pretty clear that you aren’t a high priority.

By making time for someone which is devoted to enjoying each others company and giving them all your attention, they’ll see that you hold them in high regard.

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Written by Kitty

There's nothing better than a weekend spent at a spa and total relaxation and happy thoughts is a way of life to me. It's lucky I love cats really with a name like mine! Happily married with my three fur babies to keep us company.