Welcoming a new baby into the world is an exciting time for everyone involved. They’re so cute and sweet and instantly put a smile on your face. However, if it’s your friend who just had a baby, they may be feeling overwhelmed and tired.

As someone close to her, there are ways you can pitch in and help and support her during this transition period. She’ll appreciate your efforts and the fact that you’re willing to dedicate time and energy to helping her to have a positive experience with her newborn. The following suggestions will give you some ideas about how you can achieve this and make her feel loved:

1.   Cook Some Meals for Her

The last item on a new mum’s list is thinking about what to cook for dinner. There are so many other tasks and responsibilities your friend now has on her mind that she might completely forget about what to feed her family. Therefore, you can help and support your friend who just had a baby by cooking some meals for her and bringing them over. Make a few she can eat now and others she can put in her freezer and pull out on a hectic day when she doesn’t have time to cook. Think about what she likes to eat and what will be easy to reheat or put in the oven.

2.   Bring Presents

Another way to support your friend who just had a baby is to bring the family presents. It’s best not to show up empty-handed when you first meet the baby. There are so many cute ideas out there for what you can bring, including clothes, blankets, and toys. It’s true that sometimes, baby clothes can be a tad bit expensive. So you can probably make use of discount coupons from the likes of RetailMeNot to cut costs when shopping. That way, you can buy loads of things for the newborn as well as the mother without overshooting your budget. Happy you, happy mom, and happy baby! Also, think ahead and plan for upcoming occasions where you’ll be celebrating with your friend and her baby, such as the baptism and first birthday. Hop online to find christening gifts that will be perfect for celebrating these very special occasions. 

During postpartum recovery, many mothers may experience incontinence due to a weakened pelvic floor. If you know this new mother well and you know it will be well received, gifting her a pair of incontinence underwear for women, or a gift voucher for such, is a thoughtful way to say you understand how these things go!

3.   Be A Good Listener

It may be that your friend simply needs someone to talk to and open up to about what she’s feeling. Having a newborn around is rewarding but can also take a toll on any woman both mentally and physically. Therefore, show up and be a good listener and allow your friend to get whatever is bothering her off her chest. Only offer up solutions or advice if she asks for it, otherwise, just sit back and be a good friend by lending an open ear.

4.   Offer to Babysit

Your friend and husband might not have much time for each other these days. Your friend might also not be getting much sleep. You can support your friend who just had a baby by offering to babysit and give her and her husband a break to do as they please. You’ll not only get to spend quality time with their newborn, but they’ll be able to take a rest from their demanding schedule and responsibilities. Even if it’s for a few hours or a short time in the evening, they’ll appreciate having someone they can trust to watch their child.

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Written by Kitty

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