New mothers may find it difficult to get to the shops among the stresses and sleepless nights of the first days with their newborn baby. If you are planning to buy a gift for a new mother, there are some items that your new mother can simply not do without. From the fun to the practical, here is a list of some of the best presents that you can give a new mother and her baby.

  • Baby Strollers and Buggies

Mums can find it difficult to get out of the house with a newborn baby, especially at first where constant feeds and nappy changes may have them feeling tired and wanting to remain inside. However, to encourage your friend or family member to remember to step outside, you should consider looking into browsing everyday strollers which will enable them to take their baby with them wherever they choose to go. With the Discovery Stroller, you also get a cup holder, buggy organiser and storage bag included, ensuring that the new mum can carry whatever she needs with her.

  • Clothing for Older Babies

Many guests and visitors to the house will present the babies’ mother with newborn clothing to wear in the first weeks. Whilst this can be extremely helpful to mothers who are struggling to get the chance to do some shopping, babies grow out of newborn outfits extremely quickly. Not only this, but particularly large or overdue babies can be larger than newborn outfits when they are born. Then, you should instead look at giving your friend or relative clothing for older babies or even toddlers as this will ensure that the mother still has clothes for her baby when they grow and that your present will be of use for a longer amount of time.

  • Play Mat

Whilst many people opt for the classic soft toy, you should consider investing in a play mat. Not only can they keep the child entertained for hours on end, but they also give the mother a chance to relax in the knowledge that their child is playing in a safe environment. There are many different types of play mat, and you should look at the best type for the baby as they grow and learn.

  • Recipe Books

Not only is it important that the baby should have a nutritious diet, but it is incredibly important that new mothers have a nutritious diet to help them to recover and return to full health, especially as your vitamin and mineral levels can become diminished in pregnancy. Specialist new mother recipe books can provide your new mother with simple and delicious recipes to cook at home, no matter how tired they are.

  • Handprint Set

Babies grow fast, and many new mothers will want to keep the memories of the first precious months in any way that they can. By giving the gift of a hand printing set, you will be able to ensure that the memories of the newborn baby are kept forever. These sets include clay or paint and allow you to capture the handprint of the newborn in the form of a personalised print.

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