Are you looking for a way to make an evening at home feel a little more special?

Perhaps it is a birthday or you just want to do something a little bit different – or perhaps you want to show a friend that you are thinking of them.

If so, read on for some great ideas for fantastic gifts that will help you to create unique moments right from the comfort of your own home.

Restaurant meal kits

It is hard to make a meal feel special at home when you have cooked it all yourself or when you have just phoned through an order to the local takeaway.

That is why a lot of fantastic restaurants have put their thinking caps on and created great restaurant-style experiences for you to enjoy at home. They will provide you with all of their favourite ingredients and full instructions on how to make a restaurant-quality meal in your own home.

Whatever your favourite type of food is, there is bound to be a restaurant that has got an offering. From burger joints to pub grub to full-on fine dining, restaurants serving all sorts of different cuisines are getting involved.

Put the kids to bed early, move that pile of laundry off of the dining table and treat yourself.

Bubble tea kits

Sometimes you want to enjoy the taste of another culture, or just try something a little bit different. Ordering bubble tea online from Bubble Ci-Tea is a great way to do just this.

You can order an entire bubble tea kit which will allow you to make a delicious bubble tea in your favourite flavour at home, so you can feel for a moment as though you are enjoying a drink from a market stall in Taiwan.

Virtual wine tasting

If you are someone who enjoys a tipple, then there are loads of online offerings for virtual wine and spirit tastings.

You will pay for the tasting experience and then the company will send you a box full of your favourite tipples to try. The whole thing is hosted online, so you can take part in your tasting at the same time as other enthusiasts and compare your notes.

A great way to feel as though you are having a fun night out, all from the comfort of your sofa.


Movie buffs can recreate the feeling of going to the cinema at home, by investing in a projector. Projector technology has come on a long way since the grainy ones that you may have used at school!

It is now possible to get a projector which has fantastic quality, allowing you to watch your movies in the high-quality resolution that they were intended. Pair your projector with a good sound system, and of course lots of sweets and popcorn, and you have created an awesome movie night that you can enjoy at home.

Online craft classes

There is nothing quite so satisfying as learning a new skill! If you are someone who loves to get crafty, then there are lots of options of online craft classes that will allow you to flex your creative muscles, meet some new people, and hopefully learn a little something.

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