Some women truly seem like they have it all, and when it comes to gift giving it can make them almost impossible to buy for. Clothes are an excellent choice for a gift, but this does require you to know their dress size in a range of stores as it can fluctuate from brand to brand. Personal style is also hard to account for when buying gifts for other people, as it changes so frequently and an item that may seem like someone’s style on the surface could end up being one they’d never wear at all.

Thankfully, accessories provide a happy medium, as they can be individually styled to suit a person’s needs; what more, there are a wide range of fantastic accessories that every woman would be pleased to be given as a gift.

An everyday ring

Rings are a great accessory for any outfit, as they allow you to introduce colours and designs into your overall look that will tie your whole concept together. However, rings can get lost more easily than you might realise, and you don’t want to be wearing your favourite ring or an expensive piece of jewellery when you are out at a casual venue, which is why buying someone an everyday ring which is similar to other jewellery they wear makes for a great and affordable gift.

A watch

Watches aren’t just practical; they also reflect a person’s individual style. No matter which type of watch a person wears, they also add an element of sophistication and professionalism to an outfit. For these reasons and more, a new watch makes the perfect all-round gift for any woman. Perhaps the casio dw 5600 would be a good choice for some women who might enjoy having a shock-resistant watch with long battery life. That would be perfect for those who love the outdoors. Of course, there are so many watches on the market, so make sure to find the perfect one.


While diamonds might claim to be a girl’s best friend, there is no gemstone that can live up to the timeless classic that are pearls. While a string of pearls might seem a little old fashioned, pearl earrings are beautiful for someone of any age and style. Gifts like Annoushka pearl earrings make a wonderful addition to anyone’s accessory ensemble, especially as they are detachable and can be added to any pair of frames, which is a great customisable feature.

A range of Sunglasses

Sunglasses might seem like more of a functional addition than a fashion accessory to some, but they have actually become one of the most varied accessories of 2019. The range of fashionable sunglasses have expanded to include a range of different lens shapes and frame materials, with the most popular being oversized glasses or half-moon style frames for a more cutting-edge feel.

A clutch

A clutch bag is not only the staple of the sophisticated evening look, but is also perfect for any evening plans: from accompanying a date night outfit to being the perfect partner for a little black dress worn on night out. One of the best things about buying a clutch bag as a gift is that they come in a variation of different shapes, sizes and colours, so there is never any harm in buying one for someone even if they already own a few.

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Written by Kitty

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