With Christmas now just around the corner – yep, it’s come that fast again – no doubt gift-giving will be on your mind. Or, perhaps your foodie best friend has a birthday coming up before the December festivities. Either way, if you know a food lover and have the opportunity to treat them to something special, you’ll want to find some great gift options for them – without breaking the bank, of course.

Here are five gift ideas to try this year when treating the food lover in your life.

1.Organic CBD Oil

A food lover is always going to be grateful for new recipes to try, but there are now many new ingredients you can try which aren’t quite so obvious. CBD oil, for instance, from an organic supplier such as Hemplix, can be added to traditional recipes to create tasty and healthy twists on classic dishes. Oil is usually needed for any sort of dish; therefore, CBD oil provides a unique replacement for many classic cooking oils.

2.Engraved Kitchen Utensils

If you want to provide a truly personalised kitchen gift, why not consider engraving a personal message or your loved one’s name in their favourite kitchen implement? This could be a rolling pin, personalised chopping board, or biscuit tin – anything which they use often, and which can now be improved by your own personal greeting! Depending on the occasion, you can even engrave more high-quality items such as silverware and cutlery for those very special occasions like wedding anniversaries.

3.Personalised Recipe Book

If your foodie loves creating their own delicious recipes and making a note of them, then why not provide them with the perfect place to keep track of all their tasty experiments? Recipes books can even be personalised with a message or decorate with personal photos or scrapbook items to make your gift that little bit sweeter. To add an edge of practicality, consider binding the recipe book in easy-to-clean wrapping, such as plastic protection, so that the mess in the kitchen won’t ruin the integrity of your gift!

4.Photo Magnets

The fridge is going to be the go-to place for any food lover; therefore, the fridge door is the perfect spot to display a unique gift. Photo magnets are fun ways to preserve memories if you have a favourite snap from a previous adventure, or maybe your loved one has a favourite pet or place that they’d want to be immortalised in kitchen magnet form.

5.Tablet Stand

If your foodie prefers their recipes and cooking tips displayed on the latest piece of tech rather than a traditional cooking book, then a tablet stand is going to be well-received. Now your food lover can easily prop up their tablet or device, making their kitchen adventures that whole lot easier. Most tablet stands can also be engraved or personalised to make your gift extra special – and to remind them who they need to thank every time they cook. Bon Appetit!

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Written by Kitty

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