Because that one friend of yours whom everybody knows just loves to travel is perhaps always consumed with their next trip or reminiscing on previous trips any chance they can get, you’d think that it was easy to pick out a gift for them. It turns out not to be so easy after all and you may find yourself disappointed to learn that what was intended to be a great travel gift gets left behind when they go on their trips. It’s nothing personal and is usually just a practicality thing. Luggagerate shares their thoughts, tips and tricks on the luggage you should travel with

If you look towards picking out something as practical as a travel bag for instance then the chances of your gift going a really long way all around the world increase tenfold, but again it isn’t a given since it will always come right back down to being a practicality thing. That said, here are five travel bags which you can pick from as a gift for your globetrotting buddy, which simply has to come in handy at some point in time:

Wenger Backpack

Since it’s made out of polyester, this traveller’s backpack is very light and weighs only 600g, with a carriage capacity of 24 litres and dimensions (30 cm wide x 45 cm high x 22 cm deep) that suggest it was just made to be deployed as the ultimate bag for carry-on luggage. It sports some simple colours (black and grey) which make it as inconspicuous as you’d want a travel backpack to be and also features an adjustable, padded shoulder strap with all sorts of specialised compartments to store everything a traveller could ever want to store safely.

JanSport Superbreak Black Label Pack

Look, you perhaps might think this is not to the style of your globetrotting travel buddy, but you’d be surprised to find that they might just really like this colourful design that stands out, reason being bags like these usually don’t draw the suspicion of customs officials and so your traveller buddy will have less secondary customs checks to go through. It’s compact and simple in its design, but very durable since it’s made of 600 denier polyester.

Boreas Monterey Weatherproof Pack

Need I say more? This daypack doubles up as a dry bag, which is great for the protection of all your buddy’s traveller goodies no matter what the weather is. This larges-in-series pack holds 35 litres in capacity and will be a welcome gift because of the extended practicality it offers.

Heys Velocity 4-Wheel Spinner

This will perhaps go into your traveller buddy’s check-in luggage allocation, but that’s the point I guess since this case offers a lot more space than the other featured bags and weighs 3.2 kilos. I featured it under my listing of travel bags because it’s frameless, although I must admit that by no means can it really be referred to as a bag. Nevertheless, it’s just one of those cases which are owned by those travellers who look like they know exactly where they’re going and what to do at every point along the duration of their trip, particularly with its four wheels that all swivel 360 degrees.

Wenger Waist Pack

Is there anything which screams “tourist” louder than a waist pack? No matter because this particular waist pack by Wenger often turns out to be of much more use than what even the most experienced of travellers may initially anticipate. It’s simple in design with two main compartments but has quite a lot of little pockets, extensions and concealments to house all the small travel essentials for an entire day out and about.

Wenger, Boreas Monterey, Heys 4 wheels

From Left to Right: The Wenger Waterproof, Borea Monterey and the Heys 4 Wheel Spiner

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