If your motto for this coming spring is to get yourself in great condition for the summer holiday season, then you might well be thinking about investing in a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals.

However, finding the right one can be a minefield. While most personal trainers work independently, making it harder to know their credentials, others work for companies similar to Transforming Strength which means you can be confident in their qualifications. Here are nine tips to consider if you’d like to hire someone to get you in peak condition for the year ahead.

1. Find a PT Who Understands Everyone’s Goals are Different

Personal trainers should understand that everyone has a different ideal and a different goal or motivation for getting fit. They should also understand that every single body is different, too. Ask yourself, what do you want? Do you simply want to get fitter or do you have a specific aim like a flatter stomach or improved cardiovascular strength?

2. A Good PT Will Advise You to Train Alone

No matter whether you’re looking for personal training Telford or anywhere else, a good trainer worth their salt will allow you to take what you’ve leaned and use it on your own to keep your fitness up between sessions. They’ll give you hints and tips to stay on top of your regime when they’re not there.

3. Does Your Trainer List Their Success Stories Online?

Find someone who lists their success stories online and isn’t afraid to talk about their experiences working with people. If they’re not forthcoming, it might be best to avoid their services. Finding out about their previous clients will help you see if they can assist you in achieving your goals.

4. Are They Honest About How Long Training Will Take?

Don’t be afraid to ask a good personal trainer how long your goal is likely to take. They’ll be honest with you and let you know possible timescales or whether your ideas are unachievable in the timeframe you have in mind.

5. Will They Be Encouraging?

What kind of trainer do you want? Do you need someone strict, or do you require someone who uses positive encouragement techniques to get you working smarter? You need to find someone you’re comfortable with and who will work with your personality type as well as your fitness levels.

6. A Good PT Will Help You with Diet Too

Getting fitness right is only half the battle. If you’re then following it up by eating junk, you’re undoing all the hard work you’ve put in. Nutrition is a big part of the fitness battle and a personal trainer will also want to assess your diet to make sure you’re eating foods that will benefit your fitness and not cause detriment.

Finding the right eating plan to enhance your fitness regime means you’re investing in a two-pronged attack on your health and will be doing the best you can to achieve optimum fitness. A good personal trainer will ensure you do this over a decent period of time so that you don’t lose weight too quickly and can engage in a maintenance program afterwards, too.

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