If you are in any relationship, giving gifts to your loved one regularly is generally considered essential. Giving gifts is a way of telling them you love and appreciate them. The more exclusive and personal a gift is, the more your partner will feel the love. That is why it’s crucial you know what makes your partner happy.

If your partner is passionate about their hair and takes pride in how they look, then these gifts are a must. Whether for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, an Anniversary or Christmas, these gifts will improve how their locks look, and also remind them how much you care for them.

Let’s look at some of the hair care gifts that you must give your loved one.

  1. Nioxin Hair Care Kits

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Nioxin is a hair care set that helps one to achieve fuller, thicker hair and retain moisture in the hair. The kit contains three products that work hand in hand to ensure thickening of the hair. The products are ideal for people who have color treated their hair. The Nioxin shampoo removes dirt and oil residue from the hair and scalp. It also helps prevent hair breakage and refreshes the scalp.

  1. Infuse my Color Shampoo

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It’s time that you helped your loved one say goodbye to dull hair color. Infuse My Color Shampoo is the perfect choice for adding vibrant hues to fading mane color. The product is made with 100% vegan pigments that add vibrant colors to the hair. It is also sulphate free, ensuring that the hair isn’t damaged. Regardless of the color of the hair, the shampoo will give it a vibrant new look. The other advantage is in its ease of application. That said, even the most safest of hair color shampoos can contain chemicals that may not agree with the sensitive skin on your hand. Nothing that a pair of Nitrile or disposable gloves (check here – unigloves) can’t solve! Just make sure you have them on when applying any kind of color or coloring shampoo.

  1. Color Wow The Detox Kit

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Color wow is the perfect gift if your loved ones lock suffer from dullness. The detox kit has three mega cleansers which will leave your loved one’s hair shinier and fresher after using it. The kit contains: the dream filter pre-shampoo mineral spray, clean color security shampoo and color security conditioner.

The dream filter shampoo is used to get rid of minerals in the hair that can get into the hair if you are using tap water. The clean color security shampoo is free from ingredients that could weigh down the hair. The color security conditioner is used in detangling and to add moisture to the hair.

  1. Rubin Extensions

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Every woman loves to have beautiful, fuller and longer hair. There’s no better way of making your partners dream come true than to get them a set of Rubin hair extensions. Whether your partner loves clip-ins, tape-ins, or ombre extensions, you can get all these for her at Rubin extensions depending on her taste and preference.

  1. CHI ultra-blow out kit

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This CHI kit is the perfect gift if you want to save your loved one time from going to the salon. Your partner can use the kit at home to straighten and blow out their locks. This is the perfect hair dryer to dry tresses into perfection.

It contains three nozzles, a diffuser, comb and concentrator. The kit also contains sectioning clips, CHI round brush, CHI protection spray to protect your mane from heat damage and CHI infusion to hydrate the hair.

  1. Silk Pillowcases

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Has your partner been complaining of frizz and hair dryness? Well, now is the right time to get them a high-quality silk pillowcase. Research shows that silk can reduce frizz by 43%. Silk pillowcases help to maintain the natural oils in the hair, and it keeps the hair soft and smooth even when you toss and turn during the night.

With this silk pillowcase, you will help your loved one have healthier and soft hair and give them a luxurious night as they lay their head on this soft piece.

  1. Keranique Deluxe approved travel kit

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If your partner is ever on the go, then this Keranique hair kit is the perfect gift to keep their hair intact even when travelling. The kit contains a shampoo, conditioner and a repair treatment spray. These products can be used to get a fuller, thicker and healthier mane even when on the go. The trio ingredients are packaged in a beautiful designer bag to hold in all the products.

Giving gifts is a way of ensuring you always stay connected to that special someone. There is no greater way of showing your loved one love and affection, like getting them something they love. That’s why it’s vital you know what ticks your partner. If they are a hair fanatic the above hair care gifts are the best you can give them. Especially if you know what kind of products they like too! There are many sites on the internet like SEVEN Haircare which are easy to navigate and understand for those who aren’t so clued up in this area! Whatever you get, the gifts will show that you care about them and you want them to have beautiful and healthier locks all the time.

Bio: Emily Weber is a hair stylist and writer for Rubin Extensions, offering up expert advice on hair care, products, and hair styling. She has a love for mango, donut holes, and sipping earl grey tea while listening to jazz.

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