What do you get a traveller? This question can be a difficult one to answer, as many travellers like to pack light or would love to be gifted money in their destination’s currency. While practical, such gifts can lack personality. Consider the following gifts that are perfect for your globe-trotting friend or family member.

1.   A travel journal

Travel memories deserve more than being jotted down on a smartphone, especially when there’s a risk of not having charge or access to a laptop, etc. Gift them with a beautiful travel journal that can be personalised with their name. This is ideal for a travel blogger who may need to jot down important information while on the go!

2.   Reusable straws

For the eco-friendly traveller, gift them with portable and reusable straws so that they can reduce their carbon footprint while on the go. Be sure to find ones that are compact so that they can easily place them in their bag or pocket.

3.   Moisturiser

Not many people look their best when it comes to flying. The air can become dry, causing our skin to become dehydrated, serving us that “haven’t slept for days” look that needs days to recover from. Give them a little pot of moisturiser that can be easily stored in their carry-on for skin-saving duties.

4.   An organiser

Seasoned travellers may say they have the airport and boarding process done to a T, but that isn’t always the case. Having your passport, boarding passes (if printed off), and visas all in one place can make your life easier and much less stressful. Some organisers also have extra space for you to store a notepad, tablet, headphones, and sunglasses!

5.   Courses abroad

Many travellers love to throw themselves into the culture of where they are visiting. This means they like to learn the language, eat the local food, and live like a local too. If this is the case, then treat them to French language courses in France with French Language Holidays, a cooking class in Spain, or sake tasting in Japan.

6.   Coffee of the world subscription

For the traveller who is currently at home, recuperating from their latest excursion, gifting them with a coffee subscription may sound a little odd. But what if the coffee subscription sent the person coffee beans from all around the world?

7.   A new luggage tag

Travelling can be a glamourous affair, especially when it comes to the little details that can change the whole look of your luggage. A lovely luggage tag will not only look fantastic but it will also help them spot their belongings more easily.

8.   A charging hub like no other

We’ve all been there. Too many electronics and not enough charging spots to keep them juiced. What can you do? Luckily, you can now get charging hubs with multiple USB ports, making your life a lot easier. You can also get them a universal travel power adapter, meaning they can say “so long” to the days of swapping and buying new adapters in every new country they visit.

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Written by Kitty

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