It is always great for gift planning when your recipient has a keen passion or hobby, and when that hobby is being green-fingered, this opens up a lot of options that they are going to love. The world of plants, flowers and nature provides a lot of opportunities for the perfect gift, and it can be as much fun to explore as it is to receive a nature-themed gift.

So here are 8 great gift ideas for the nature lover in your life. 

  1. Botanical Artwork and Prints

Those who are natural lovers of plants, flowers and all things nature are going to love being able to express that in print. Filling their home with artwork of nature, as well as nature itself, is going to be a positive in any green-fingered home! You can also easily tailor the style of artwork to their preferences, such as traditional or vintage botanical prints, brightly colours flowers or more minimalist designs. Organisations such as the Marandi Foundation are great supporters of art and culture too!

  1. Nature Journal 

This could be a plain journal designed with a nature theme on the cover, or something specifically related to their green-fingered nature, such as a gardening journal, a plant journal or a place to put information regarding their green-fingered habits and life goals

  1. Planting Tools

Every passionate gardener and nature-lover is going to need the right tools, and you have many green options to choose from, depending on what the recipient’s habits are. If they are a fan of houseplants, you could try indoor plant pruning shears or care packs. For gardening outside, you could supply shovels, trowels and anything else they need to pursue their hobby. 

  1. Plant Pots

Plant pots are always going to be a must, whether for indoor plants or outdoor. This makes for a great gift option because you can be creative about the design, with so many options out there. 

If you are a fan of homemade gifts, you could even try to make one or design one yourself by painting a particular design on a blank pot for a more personal touch!

  1. Houseplants or Garden Plants 

When in doubt, a plant is always going to be the perfect gift — and even more perfect because you can never have too many plants, even if their home is already full of them! If your recipient lives far away, you can arrange for indoor plant delivery if you are not able to deliver a plant to them in person. 

For the garden, you have the option of buying a plant ready to go, or you could provide bulbs and seeds for your recipient to grow their own in their garden or outside space.

  1. Nature-Themed Homeware

The perfect green-fingered gift does not have to directly relate to the garden, after all! If your recipient simply loves all things nature, then anything with this theme will go down a treat. So, whatever they need home furnishing or homeware wise, you can put a plant, flower or nature twist on it. 

This could be plant themed kitchen items, flower kitchen mugs, nature-themed sofa cushions or patterned throws. 

  1. Nature Clothing or Accessories

Help your recipient display their green-fingered passion proudly (even when away from home) by buying nature-themed clothing or accessories. You could opt for a botanical t-shirt as a fun option. You can even opt for a custom-print t-shirt so that you can place their favourite plant or flower on the front. 

You could also go for any clothing accessory that they might love, like a scarf printed with herbs, plants or flowers, or even nature-themed jewellery. Pressed flowers make for great necklaces and earrings which can be a perfect gift. 

If your recipient is not a fan of clothing or accessories like this, then you could also try for clothing or accessories they can use around the home instead. This could be a botanical apron for cooking, a printed towel or maybe even a plant or flower-themed bathrobe or pyjamas!

  1. Make a Donation in Their Name

There are many amazing charities out there doing good work to protect and preserve the environment, nature and wildlife. Your recipient may appreciate any support for those charities they may already be huge fans of, such as local habitat preservations, WWF or charities which plant trees.

In Summary

There is no shortage of great ideas for a nature-loving friend, and even if you are unsure about any creative options, you can always rest easy knowing that a simple houseplant or garden plant will be well received! Take a look at what they already have and draw inspiration from that, too.

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Written by Kitty

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