The busy lifestyle and technology of modern times have really disconnected people with nature. It is good to set some time when you can get out and connect with nature. There are hundreds of beautiful places around the UK where you can enjoy a day out with the family. However, for you to enjoy the day, a plan is always helpful to ensure that everything goes well.

Here are some tips to get you going.

Before Leaving Home

Plan the trip together with everyone involved, talking about where to go and what to do not only helps establish the plan but also gets everyone excited. Agree on the location and activities to be carried out during the day so that everyone is on the same page.

In addition, prepare the essentials for your day out. Such essentials include any medication, snacks, first aid kit, tissues, insect repellent, sunscreen, baby wipes, diapers, and change of clothes for the small children. You may also want to carry extra warm clothing if the weather is cold.

first aid kit

On the Day

Check on the on the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Choose clothing that can be easily removed or layers should the cold weather get warm or vice versa.

If you have small children, carry items such as toys, small books, and game materials to keep them occupied on your way to the destination. This can help ease he boredom and reduce the risk of tantrums, tears and the dreaded ‘are we nearly there yet?’.

On reaching the destination, explain safety precautions to the younger family members. Such precautions include appropriate behaviour when in public, keeping within sight and not going anywhere alone. You should also have a rendezvous point where you can meet up if you get separated for whatever reason.

Make it Fun

The key to a successful day out is to have some fun. Do not just go to sit and bask in the sun out there. Create games that the whole family can participate in. Some of the fun ideas you can try out include nature trails; look for wildlife such as bird holes, burrows. You can also collect different types of flowers. You can also organise scavenger hunt and find specific things in the area. You can make use of squishies too. They are great stress relievers and you can incorporate them with your games ensuring a fun and relaxing activity for your whole family. For more information, you can go over at

If there is space, you can also come with a skipping rope or a football and even participate in running games.

Don’t Forget a Camera

Photographs are a great way to keep a memory of good times that you spent with the family. Come along with a camera or carry a power bank for your smartphone if you will use it throughout the day to capture special moments. Capture those goofy moments, composed images, and nice sights that you find on the way.

canon camera

Keep your environment clean

Leave no trace of rubbish or leftover foods from your picnic site. You can come with a plastic bag where you throw in all the trash for disposal when you leave the area. If you come with your dog, consider carrying its pet food, a leash, some water, and a bag to collect its poop.

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Written by Kitty

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