What’s life without a little adventure? Whether you’re into defying death on bungee jumps, white water rafting with a company like can be found at https://www.americanwhitewater.com/california/so-cal, or simply stepping outside your comfort zone, there are a plethora of activities just waiting to be discovered.


Zorbing experience gift

Jump in an inflatable bubble and forget about all your troubles as you roll on down a hill or over water. Zorbing peaked in popularity a few years ago and is still going strong, perfect for anyone including young, old, men, women and everything in between. Plenty of laughs and heaps of fun, a zorbing experience gift is fantastic for someone who loves adventure and has loads of energy. Prices usually start at around 40 for two people and there are hundreds of locations across the UK.


segway experience gift

They may not have taken off as the futuristic alternative to walking, but Segways have proved themselves fantastic for a unique experience. Take them offroad and through forests for an exciting time, usually lasting around 60 minutes, you’ll get a full briefing and instructions before stepping onto the self-balancing machine. Giving a Segway experience for a gift and they’ll enjoy a novel way to travel over any terrain, providing them with an encounter they’ll never forget.


skydiving experience gift

For the most daring gift receiver, why not test their daredevil skills and buy them a one-way ticket out of an aeroplane. Certainly not for the faint hearted, get them strapped up to an instructor and let them take the plunge for an experience like no other. Give them a taste of the ultimate adventure and give them a truly memorable gift. Prices range from 149 to 300, but this is probably one you wouldn’t want to scrimp on.

If they aren’t quite ready for the real thing, indoor skydiving is a great alternative without the danger. iFly is a revolutionary wind tunnel that lets you experience the sensation of skydiving, with three locations, Manchester, Basingstoke and Milton Keynes, you won’t have to travel far to get this great gift.

Treetop assault courses

go ape experience gift

Another one for those who aren’t afraid to get their feet off the ground, treat someone with a trip to the trees and get strapped in for a monkey-like day. Swing from pillar to post and zip line through some of the UK’s most beautiful forests. Go Ape operates in all corners of the country in 31 locations, with activities for kids and grown-ups, buy them a gift voucher and let them go ape at Go Ape.

Bungee Jump

bungee jump experience gift

Do you dare to take the plunge? Plummet off bridges and ledges in an adrenaline filled wave of excitement, there’s nothing quite like leaving your life in the hands of an elastic rope. They say you don’t have to be made to bungee but it certainly helps. Choosing which company to trust is a big task, UK Bungee Club has been operating since 1992 and has an excellent safety record, throughout the 1990s they ran Adrenaline Village – a permanent bungee facility at Chelsea Bridge in London. They now have facilities across the country with prices ranging from 60 to 100.

Rock Climbing

rock climbing experience

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, traverse the vertical and test your limits to see if you can handle life on the rocks. Rock climbing is an energetic day out that gives you the chance to flex those muscles and have an adventure. Learn the basics then try it for yourself, push yourself to the limit to get the most out of a day of rock climbing.

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