Inspiring your staff to work in a motivated and switched-on fashion is one of the key responsibilities and aspirations of any top manager. You’ll know, as other businesses know, that profits and growth are boosted by proactive and productive employees, and that you therefore need to foster the kind of culture in your team of continued motivation and inspiration to push the business forward. This short guide, then, will expose how you can best influence the motivations within your working team, and how you can bring them all along with you to achieve the vision that you want to achieve.


If you want your staff to get excited about their weeks’ worth of hard work, you should set targets for each employee, each team, and the business as a whole. There are two main types of target, and these are:

  • Short-term targets, or objectives, which will help you progress your business towards a larger vision
  • Longer-term targets, or goals, which you’re constantly striving towards no matter what

In both cases, communication with your staff is key. You need to bang the drum for your business, and show each staff member how they can work to make these excellent objectives and goals a reality within a given timeframe. If you want to make sure that your teams are performing effectively, you may wish to visit this site right here and explore the benefits that a team assessment could offer you and your company when it comes to ensuring that people are happy and able to perform to the best of their abilities.


Those targets will be met sooner if you’ve organised a series of rewards for those staff who help you hit your targets as quickly as possible. Again, when you’re thinking about setting up a reward system at work, you need to make sure it’s fair and open to everybody in order for it to be effective in motivating your staff. Consider three types of reward:

  • Individual rewards, for those workers who show excellence in meeting a target
  • Team rewards, for those teams within your business who have proven their worth in a month’s hard work
  • Group rewards, for your whole workforce, when your business hits the important long-term targets that you’ve set

With these systems of motivation and reward set up, you’ll be ready to give deserved rewards to the hardest workers in your team.

Sharing Ideas

Motivation cannot be held and achieved for a long time without some form of communication between employees, and some kind of let-up from the constant demands of work. While your workspace should allow for a certain amount of socialising and merriment, it should also cater towards digital communication in such a way as to help build your employees’ motivation. By using a career and workplace culture survey, you can tap into the thoughts and concerns of your staff – and this in turn will lead you to make changes to your style that’ll further focus the minds of your staff.


In your workplace, there’s an invisible influencer on how people work – how safe they feel. Workplaces that adhere to all required safety laws show that they care for their staff, whereas those that shrug off the concerns of their employees make said employees feel expendable. Safety laws differ between industries, a manufacturing plant might require safety equipment like rails, safety suits, work gloves or a cbrn filter – but an office would not. However, an office still has regulations to adhere to, such as ensuring electrical equipment is not faulty.

What is most important is when an employee brings up a safety concern you should listen and take action. This is especially important where harassment and violence are concerned. Any workplace that protects dangerous employees will quickly demoralize all other employees and find itself with high staff turnover.

Positive Reinforcement

People like being told they’re doing a good job. If you’re working in a motivated and friendly atmosphere, you’re feeling good as you work hard. But if you’re motivating your staff with punishments from the whip-hand, then you’re going to foster an unpleasant workplace culture that will see productivity diminish. Always be careful about the workplace culture that you promote in your day-to-day dealings with your staff.

There you have it; some key tips to help you motivate your staff members and help the business prosper.

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