Your skin is the largest organ in your body and one that you should take care of, especially as you get older. In recent years, collagen supplements have proven to provide benefits for your skin that deserve more attention from people suffering from wrinkles and prematurely aging skin. Whilst supplements such as collagen are important for your body to physically maintain its appearance on the outside. It can be equally important to also understand that you might need supplements to help your body on the inside as you age. Supplements similar to glutathione and curcumin can be potentially helpful in assisting your body on the inside as you age.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. But as you age, your body produces less and less collagen as time goes by. A collagen supplement or collagen shot for your skin replaces and bolsters your body’s natural ability to manufacture your collagen supply.

Collagen Supplements Provide Clinically Proven Benefits for Skin

The benefits to your skin by this extra collagen intake are proven to be effective. In a well-known study, women who took supplements containing between 2.5 to 5 grams of collagen for 8 weeks had significantly less skin dryness and a remarkable increase in skin elasticity compared with a control group that didn’t take the supplements.

Other studies have concluded that collagen supplements provide benefits for skin that include increased skin hydration and a significant reduction in wrinkle number and depth in aging and older adults.

Older People Benefit from Collagen Supplement

All of the studies indicated that getting in the habit of taking collagen supplements regularly as we age can help our skin stay healthier and younger-looking. This is particularly important for people who have to maintain a strong public or corporate image.

Individuals who enjoy being outdoors may worry about the cumulative effects of the sun as speeding up the aging process of their skin. Taking collagen supplements (similar to the ones provided by Cobionic) for their skin can slow down this aging process and increase the hydration and elasticity of their skin to fight off the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Other Collagen Supplement Benefits

But collagen supplements also offer benefits that are much more than skin deep. Collagen is one of the primary materials of cartilage. Cartilage is the elastic tissue that holds together the bones in your joints. Taking cartilage supplements can help ease joint pain and stiffness. Athletes use it when they’re in training to mitigate the effects of the stress and strain they put on their ankles, knees and hips.

Your bones are also made mostly of collagen. Bone mass starts to deteriorate in people as they age. Taking a regular regimen of collagen supplements helps maintain bone mass. One study showed that women who took 5 grams of collagen every day for a year had a 7% increase in their bone mineral density over women in the control group who didn’t use collagen supplements.

Muscle mass is another area that benefits from collagen supplements. The protein of collagen keeps your muscles strong and solid and helps them function properly.

Get on the Collagen Supplement Bandwagon

With so many benefits that simply taking collagen supplements for your skin can provide, every indication is that a regimen of daily collagen supplements is going to become a regular part of every aging and elderly person’s habits in the near future.

Why not get on the bandwagon and start improving the health of your skin, joints, bones and muscles sooner rather than later?

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