We all have physical flaws that can lead to us feeling a little self-conscious about our appearances. Although we should accept that every look is unique and beautiful in its own right, if you are feeling uncomfortable about your smile, or about your teeth in general, you do not have to live with it. There are simple solutions that you can use to enhance your pearly whites and make them shine.

Charcoal Toothpaste

Let’s face it, whenever you see a dental advert on the tv, you instantly hear them talk about how their toothpaste is far more successful than anything else on the market. But the best thing for teeth, which you should consider investing in, is activated charcoal toothpaste. Charcoal is actually extremely good for your teeth as it can bind away any unwanted decay or food residue and pull them off your teeth – this is what makes them appear whiter. Combine this tooth paste with flossing and mouth wash and you will surely have a winning smile.

Seek Dental Advice

Whether you go find information at your local dentist or through a specialist Orthodontics in London, you will only get the best advice from someone who has been in the field of dentistry for quite a few years. Don’t just do a quick internet search; instead, meet your dentist to have a proper chat about your teeth. Your dentist can observe your teeth and give you personal tips on how you can make your smile look its best. This could include simple dental surgeries or whitening aesthetic techniques. As your dentist will know your background and personal information, they can make sure that you get the best treatment possible and retain your safety throughout it. If you do not have a registered dentist because of a recent location change, you may want to look onto websites such as https://www.opencare.com/dentists/san-francisco-ca/ to find the dental services that you require.

Avoid Staining Food

We all love a cheeky glass of wine or perhaps a fancy curry at a restaurant. But did you realise that these sorts of foods can actually cause staining on your teeth? If you want to make sure your teeth remain as white as they can be, you will want to avoid foods like berries, tomato sauces, caffeinated drinks, and certainly sugary drinks. These treats can stain both the internal and external enamel of your teeth. If you cannot resist them, then try and use straws to limit the contact between the drink and your teeth. You can also rinse your mouth with water to ensure that any lingering foods and drinks are washed away.

Composite Bonding

We cannot all have perfect teeth. As we get older, your teeth will get more fragile and there is a higher chance that they might fragment and break. If this has happened to you, you may want to consider composite bonding to improve the shape of your teeth. Composite bonding is a simple procedure where your dentist will add composite material to fill in any cracks, chips or gaps. The material will instead match the colour of your teeth and look practically invisible. This small surgery is also great for stopping gum recession and tooth sensitivity. Just keep in mind that it may cost you a bit of money to have the procedure completed.

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