The kitchen can be the most important room in the house for some people, and can even be a key determining factor when purchasing a house. If your kitchen is outdated, old, or needs refreshing, there are so many things you can do to update it to your tastes. One of the biggest trends of the last decade in kitchens is having a modern kitchen with minimal fuss and clean lines. Mixing man-made materials such as stainless steel and plastic with natural materials such as wood and stone can also help to add character and warmth to a family kitchen if you want to achieve the minimalist look without it feeling cold and sterile. These granite countertops in Denver are the perfect solution, for example, if you’re looking to combine natural and man-made. Fortunately, sleek kitchens can look really attractive whilst also being highly functional too. If you love modern kitchens, there are so many options on the market to create your perfect style.

Colour Play

Colour is so important when trying to create a modern kitchen. The beauty of this is that minimalist doesn’t have to mean neutrals and plain colours, as it’s more about how the colour is used within the space. You can opt for anything from monochrome colour schemes to bright orange and baby pink and still make it feel minimalist. Most modern kitchens adopt either bright whites or vibrant colours to create their modern feel. Pick one main colour (whatever you please!) and choose this to be the focus of the room. If you go for a royal blue, use it to frame the room by having blue countertops, blue back walls, or even blue cupboards. You could get in touch with professionals who specialize in Cabinet Refinishing in the Mid-Potomac Area or similar others in the vicinity to get your kitchen a much-needed uplift.

That said, accessories will be the next step to pulling your colour scheme altogether. Whilst you’ve chosen your main colour, use your secondary colour to play around with. You could keep it really neutral still and use white and black accessories to allow your main colour to pop, or you could choose to contrast against your colour with vibrant accessories such as a bright red kettle, or orange pots and pans hanging from the ceiling. By doing this you will accentuate the colours on the show and give your kitchen a bold, showstopper feel.

Fit Your Fixtures to Your Space

Your units will really make or break your kitchen and will be possibly the largest part of what makes it feel modern and fresh. These can often be restrained by budget, but there are plenty of factors to consider when choosing them, such as the longevity and the purpose they will be used for. You can purchase DIY and ready-made kitchen cabinets to save on some expense. These can be put together yourself or you can hire a joiner to do some of the work for you. To keep the modern feel, opt for cabinets and units with sleek lines and a clean feel. The finish and material are also very important as this will not only contribute to the look that you’re aiming for but will also matter regarding the price and longevity of the units. There are many options to choose from such as veneer, lacquer, vinyl and laminate which all have their own individual pros and cons. Smooth surfaces and minimalist looks will add the most to your modernist approach. Luxurious materials such as marble units and graphite stone doors will add a premium feel to any kitchen that will fit with your modern style. Doing research on each finish and material and viewing as many as possible will enable you to make the right choice for your needs and your wallet!

When you’ve chosen your ideal style of unit and the finish you prefer to fit with your modern aesthetic, functional items such as splashbacks, oven hoods, taps and even cupboard handles aren’t to be ignored or side-lined. These finishing touches can make or break the room and will combine and contrast with your colour scheme and unit choice to add to the overall look of your kitchen. Going handle-free can often be the minimalist’s preferred choice as this only increases the amount of clean lines and smooth surfaces on show. Bar handles will add a more contemporary feel over cup handles, which tend to be used more in traditional kitchens. Tiled splashbacks can look more traditional over metal splashbacks, and ceramic sinks will fit in more with shaker style kitchens over steel sinks. It’s important to plan your modern kitchen down to the last detail in order to achieve the ideal look you’re aiming for. You don’t even have to incorporate all the features necessary in order to add a slight modern feel to it – by simply changing your cupboard handles, painting cupboard doors or even replacing all your accessories to look sleek, it can have a drastic effect on the heart of your home.

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