With the fact that more and more states are legalizing the use of cannabis for recreational and medical use, the entrepreneurs who looking forward to crack favorable deals are all set to capture something called the ‘green rush’. You can learn more about one such company that deals with all sorts of cannabis products.

In case you’re someone who is eager to increase your knowledge on how this rapidly-growing industry is flourishing, you first need to know how cannabis is brought into the market. Do you have any idea on how cannabis is cultivated? Read on if you don’t.

Cannabis that is grown indoor

Any cannabis that is grown in a warehouse or even a tiny closet will be given the name of indoor cannabis. Since indoors, the system isn’t dependent on the outside weather. For people who use cannabis for medical purposes and who are more worried about the right consistency of effects or potency, indoor cannabis can certainly be the better option for them. The plant when used for medical purposes need to be standardized so that it can deliver the desired effects on the patients who are dependent on this plants for pain or stress management.

Indoor warehouses have the ability to control temperature, light, CO2 production, humidity due to which they can create a standardized product for the masses. This type of cannabis is cosmetically considered to be more attractive. The Octopot revolutionary design also creates an environment that promotes the growth of such unique plants.

Cannabis grown under sunlight

If you look back at historic cannabis culture, you will see that they were mostly grown outdoor under direct sunlight. Just as most other crops, cannabis also has also been grown outdoor. There is a place called Emerald Triangle which consists of 3 different countries, Trinity, Mendocino and Humboldt and it is said to be the heart of cannabis culture of America. Before legalization of cannabis, this place accounted for producing 60% of the country’s outdoor cannabis.

Due to the fact that sungrown cannabis plants are grown outdoors, they are always subject to the elements of nature and this is the reason why these harvests have less consistency and more variety than indoor cannabis. Instead of getting artificial light, these plants soak in sunlight through photosynthesis and their harvest relies on the length of days.

Cannabis that is greenhouse grown

Greenhouse grown flower utilize the power of the sun while safeguarding the plant from the other elements. If you choose the light-dep technique, this offers the entire spectrum of light to the plant and this has smaller footprint than cultivating the plants indoor. This method leverages the sunlight instead of artificial lights and hence there is reduced use of energy. As you create a controlled environment, this leads to proper consistency and protection from the harmful elements of nature. Thus, it maintains the natural ecosystem.

So, as we see, for medical patients, indoor flowers offer more consistency in effect and dosage and sungrown cannabis is better for people who desire to use organic products. You can choose your cultivation method depending on your usage.

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