Your hallway is the first part of the house that anybody sees upon entering, so it has to provide a great first impression. You don’t want the area to feel too overwhelming or busy, so it’s important to focus on introducing a warm and welcoming feel that looks stylish and reflects the décor throughout the rest of your home. You want your hallway to feel open and spacious, no matter what size it is, and these useful tips will help you to achieve this with your décor.

Colour Options

To really make your hallway pop with character and feel warm and welcoming, you want to play around with some attractive colour schemes. The colours used for your hallway are important, as you want to ensure that you’re creating the right initial feel for your home. You can introduce colour in a number of ways, including the walls, flooring and furniture options. You can then add to the décor with accessories that will give the area a pop of colour and brighten the area.

Introduce Patterns

The hallway may seem dull at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely change the décor itself. Introducing patterns to your décor can really help to enhance the room and make it stand out. Whether you decide to introduce a beautiful new rug with a stylish pattern, some snazzy cushions to the chair or some new curtains that have a delicate design that adds character, the small changes can often have a much larger overall impact. Be careful when opting your patterns, however, as you want to ensure they suit the style of the room and fit in with the current colour scheme you have.

Natural Beauty

One of the best ways to enhance your hallways décor is to embrace natural elements. There’s nothing more welcoming that a well-lit room, flooded with natural lighting. Natural lighting is ideal for making a room feel larger, open and spacious, without taking away the character that your décor adds. You should also look at other natural features, such as plants and flowers. Houseplants really help to add style to a room and make it a little more unique. With so many stunning houseplants available, you can find the perfect type for your hallway and create a fresh, welcoming feel. It’s also really beneficial to have flowers or plants in the home, as they help to eliminate dust and prevent condensation.

Unique Storage

There’s nothing quite as off-putting than being greeted by an overcrowded, messy hallway. You want to feel welcomed and positive when you enter a home, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, and the décor is a huge factor in achieving this. Your hall furniture wants to reflect the style that the rest of your home has, as it’s always beneficial to keep a consistent theme running throughout your home. To keep on top of a stylish, neat hallway, introducing unique storage pieces will provide you with essential space to keep miscellaneous items such as coats, hats, scarves and so on. Try to keep your furniture style clear and consistent, whilst ensuring you keep a good balance throughout your hallway.

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