The benefits of soybeans have been known for hundreds of years. As a plant-based source of protein, many cultures have cultivated soybeans and used them as a protein source in their plant-based diets as an alternative to meats, poultry and fish. 

The relative ease and hardiness of soybeans led to their being cultivated on every habitable continent, and soybeans, or food products derived from soybeans, became a part of the diets of many cultures worldwide. 

But with the more recent discoveries of the benefits of soy peptides and the creation of soybean peptide supplements, the benefits of the simple soybean have been expanded. 

Additional Benefits of Soy Peptides Recently Discovered

Doctors and researchers have long suspected that the health benefits of soybeans didn’t end with their protein content. But until they were able to perform research at the molecular level, the additional benefits went undiscovered, and the unknown benefits were literally flushed down the drain for years by soybean processors. 

In addition to the several known benefits that gave rise to the growing popularity of soy peptide supplements, one of the peptides may be valuable in helping fight leukaemia. This development was accompanied by the news that it may also stop the inflammation that accompanies and contributes to the seriousness of chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and stroke. 

New Spotlight on the Health Benefits of Soybeans

The peptide is called lunasin. It was often discarded by soybean processing plants and washed away in the waste streams that were part of the first step in soybean processing. This processing helps create such products as soy milk, tofu, soy sauce, miso, and tempeh.

Supplement manufacturers use a different process that retains the healthy peptides, lunasin among them. With the health benefits attributed to lunasin, a new spotlight has been shown on these peptides. 

They have been known to provide anti-oxidant properties that have resulted in lower blood pressure and anti-inflammatory health benefits. And soy peptides have been identified to have anti-cancer and immunotherapy properties as well. 

But until the conclusion of the two most recent studies, the efficacy of soy peptides as beneficial in the treatment of leukaemia was unknown. 

Make Soy Supplements a Daily Part of Your Diet

What has been known for many years is the health benefits that soy peptides played in helping people regulate their blood sugar levels. They make a positive contribution to people’s cardiovascular health. 

With so many health benefits being attributed to soy peptides, people with diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure should ask their doctor about the possibility of making soybean supplements a regular part of their daily diet. 

Hiramino offers soy peptides that have successfully helped Malaysians control their blood sugar levels for years. With the added benefits of soy peptides still being discovered, one of the best things you can do for your health, particularly if you’re older, is to make easily-digested soy supplements a part of your diet.  

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