You may already be aware of the challenges ahead of you when you have been given a Los Angeles traffic ticket. Even the safest and most careful drivers sometimes unknowingly flout the law and find themselves on the paying end of a traffic ticket. And that ticket often has a much higher price tag than what the piece of paper presents. If you are going to fight your ticket and lose, you might find court costs tagged onto the price.
Don’t forget about your vehicle insurance too. The average Angelino can expect to pay as much as $700 more for their insurance after receiving a traffic ticket! They might even lose the chance to enjoy the discounts that Costco members could save on auto insurance, provided if they had signed up for that.

Fortunately, the attorneys at The Ticket Clinic Los Angeles are well-versed in traffic law and know exactly how to help you avoid costly increases in your insurance or extensive points on your record.

Just because you got a speeding or other traffic ticket, doesn’t mean you deserved it and must pay for it. It can be tricky to successfully fight your ticket, but in some circumstances, the effort can really pay off.

If you plan to contest a traffic ticket, here are five approaches to consider:

  1. Challenge the Police Officer’s Personal Opinion
  2. Dispute the Police Officer’s Presentation of Evidence
  3. Prove Your Conduct Was a “Mistake of Fact”
  4. Argue that Your Driving Was Justified
  5. Prove Your Conduct Was Necessary to Avoid Harm

There are few circumstances when you’ll need to get a lawyer to help take care of a traffic ticket. But, like most legal decisions, it comes down to the stakes involved. If a ticket will significantly increase your auto insurance or lead to a license suspension, you may want to speak with a traffic law attorney for guidance. Not sure where to find a traffic law attorney near you? Just click on traffic lawyers near me to bring you to The Ticket Clinic.

With a Los Angeles ticket lawyer, you can fight your ticket and plead not guilty. This means you have a choice to hire an attorney or represent yourself in court. You may also attend a court trial conducted by a judicial officer, have a trial by mail or a “written declaration” and you may also have to pay legal and court fees. At The Ticket Clinic California, you’ll be encouraged to enter the battle with a professional on your side to avoid any of these inconveniences.

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