It’s quite likely that every year you rack your brains and wonder what the perfect gift for your father would be. It’s possible that your mind will go blank and then you have to go to him and ask what he’d like. It is possible that he will say he doesn’t want anything and anyway you really don’t have to bother.

So, back to square one and the challenge remains. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of gifts out there, it’s working out what he would really appreciate that’s the problem. Whether it’s for Father’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary or some other special occasion, you want to get it right.

Look through some of these ideas that would suit fathers of all ages to help get your imagination going.

Something for the kitchen

If your father enjoys cooking, and there are plenty that do, and he can rustle up a mean meal, then there are lots of options from cookery books to equipment that he might enjoy.

If he likes cooking roast dinners and carving the joint, then a high-quality carving knife and fork could do the trick. It might not sound very exciting, but there are plenty of dads who wouldn’t mind a good knife to replace the one that’s not as sharp as it once was and has been used for years. You could get his initials engraved on it too.

For the coffee lover, you could get some different blends for him to try out. There are many excellent quality coffees around but for a real treat why not think about a coffee machine? You can find various options to choose from by looking at Iron & Fire or other such online stores. They don’t have to be wildly expensive, they’re simple to operate, and your dad can have espressos, cappuccinos, morning coffees and even hot chocolate or tea. There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh coffee, so bear that gift in mind.

Something for the drinks cabinet

You’ll know what your dad’s favourite tipples are – well, you should! So look for a rare bottle of whisky or vintage port or good wine, depending on his tastes, or introduce him to one of the many new and delicious craft gins that are on the market. They’re a touch more expensive than the usual suspects but are often stronger than the regular 37% ABV and a lot tastier.

You could complement that with a new set of glasses specially designed for gin. There are many attractive choices made by Dartington Crystal that not only look good but help bring out the aromas and flavours of the gin and whatever you decide to accompany it with.

Keeping the cards and cash safe

It might not seem a very exciting present, but if you father’s wallet has been around for a long time the chances are that it may be fraying at the edges and is in danger of falling apart. It’s quite common for wallets to be stuffed full of credit cards, bank cards, store cards, loyalty cards and membership cards, and that’s before putting in any cash to be carried. Not to mention the receipts that often get stuffed in with a vague promise to look at them later.

So why not a smart wallet as a gift? Again, you don’t have to spend a fortune, though you probably could, but look for a strong leather one with plenty of capacity, and you could get his initials neatly embossed on it as well. It makes a simple but practical present.

Taking him to a game

Many dads love to watch sport but as often as not it’s of the armchair variety. You’ll know what his favourites are and what teams he supports so you could buy him tickets for a very special match. It could be for a Premier League football match, an international cricket or rugby game or an outing to a Formula 1 Grand Prix event. Not the cheapest of gifts, perhaps, but for someone who really enjoys watching a sport it’s a very special present.

Be creative

Dads often don’t want things as gifts so much as experiences (not that they won’t appreciate some things). Be creative when you’re planning your gift, surprise him with a fathers day canvas prints uk or wherever you’re based and, most importantly, tell him you love him. There’s no better gift than that.

A musical experience

Just like sports your Dad probably likes a range of music and, having grown up with him, you’re probably acutely aware of his tastes. Look out for gigs by his favourite bands or push the boat out for a West End musical and a hotel for the night, creating a very special occasion.

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Written by Kitty

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