Just like driving experiences, a flying experience is such a novel way to try something new. From being an extreme flight passenger to learning to fly your own microlight there are lots of options for someone who is keen to get off the ground.

Flying Lessons

Flying lessons are great for someone who is looking for a new hobby and wants to try something extreme. The type of aircraft and price really depends on where it is that you fly but more often than not it will be in a light aircraft and with an instructor by your side. With airfields across the country, there are no limitations on where you have to go to begin your new adventure.

Aerobatic Experiences

Fancy something a little more on the daredevil side? Take a trip as a passenger with an experienced pilot as they loop de loop, dive and dip. Not for the faint-hearted, these experiences will have your stomach doing somersaults as you fly through an acrobatic adventure.

Helicopter Flying

Get your heart racing in the cockpit of a high-quality aviation machine, whether it’s flying it yourself or taking an easy ride as a passenger, a heli ride is an experience that can’t be easily forgotten. Take a look at some experiences around the country.

Hot Air Balloon

The calmer side to being in the air, hot air balloon rides are the perfect way to relax as you soar above the world. Let the wind guide you as you take a tranquil trip, air balloon rides are great as a romantic experience, but are equally as good for families and friends. Definitely different to settling for a walk in the park!

hot air balloon experience, Warwickshire

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