The best go-to gift for anyone. Who doesn’t love a bottle of bubbly or some fancy food? Great for those people who have everything and just want something different.

But what kind of items you pick matters quite a lot. You can’t just throw random food and drinks together willy-nilly and hope to wow someone. Especially if you’re planning on gifting a hamper, a theme generally helps a lot. For instance, if you’re going for Italian, then hampers from Real Italiano ( might be a good place to start. You can also create gifts by specific food groups or variations of the same item. To that end, here’s some ideas of how you can create appropriate gifts for different kinds of people:

Meat Lovers

From monthly meat box subscriptions to grilling essentials to novelty meat-themed gifts. Gifts for meat lovers are abundant. Why not find out their favourite BBQ restaurant and get your hands on some in-house sauce? Or get them an extra special steak of their favourite cut?

Alternatively, consider going the extra mile and preparing their favourite meat dish. It can be an incredibly thoughtful and sweet gesture. If you are grilling meat, then try and ensure that it’s cooked to perfection. To achieve this, you can check out Kevin Turner’s grilling website or similar online resources for some helpful tips and tricks. Similarly, you can watch helpful YouTube videos and follow guides from master chefs to create a delicious meat platter to surprise your loved ones.

If they take their meat obsession lightly, meat patterned socks, meat jewellery or bear paw meat handlers are perfect for a funny but thoughtful gift.

BBQ meat lovers seem to prefer one season over the others, and that season is of course summer! So, if you know that they will be looking forward to grilling their steak with lashings of their favorite sauce, then you probably want to pair it with some great alcohol too. To really get into the BBQ summer feeling, ready to drink cocktails might just be the best course of action here.

Chocolate Lovers

The way to everyone’s heart. Who can resist a chocolate treat? Go luxury with high-end chocolate or pack all of their favourites into a hamper.

The gifts don’t have to stop at actual chocolate, the sweet treat is so popular, there’s no end to chocolate themed presents. For a bit of pampering, try a chocolate bath bomb, or chocolate scented candles.

If your chocolate lover is more hands on, gift them a chocolate making experience or a chocolate factory tour or a visit to a chocolate farm. the possibilities are endless!

luxury chocolate gift

Wine Lovers

Instead of opting for the usual standard bottle of wine from the supermarket, consider gifting a unique and special touch with a bottle of Boutique Wines. This thoughtful gesture allows the recipient to savor something different and explore new flavors.

To make the occasion even more memorable, get a wine glass engraved with a personalized message, creating a keepsake they can cherish forever. This thoughtful addition adds a touch of elegance and sentimentality to the gift.

Cheese Lovers

Who doesn’t love cheese? From cheddar to brie to artisan hand mades, cheese lovers have no discrimination in their love. Try putting together a personalised hamper with a range of cheese types, from high-quality standard cheeses to more unusual types. Charcoal cheese, which is black in colour, is always a guaranteed surprise for everyone.

Cheese accessories are always a great way to give something they can keep forever, engraved cheeseboards, hand made knives or even a top range fondue set.

wine gift

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