If you are looking for a good quality engagement ring London that offers the best value for your money, you must read the article below.

Finding the perfect ring for the big day is often the essential first step and don’t worry, even if you are further afield like in the USA and looking for engagement rings for women, SOL Diamonds offers custom diamond engagement and wedding rings.

1. Good time for diamond deals

Most diamond rings from places like https://durhamrose.com/ are purchased as engagement rings and wedding anniversary rings. However, many women buy this most coveted jewelry for themselves as a fashion-oriented piece. New sources of mined diamonds have reached the global market, creating competitive prices from a wide range of diamonds, from low-end to high-end varieties.

2. Know and save “4 Cs”

A common rule of thumb for diamond rings is two months’ salary. But you should be guided by your financial situation, not by high-pressure marketing or peer pressure when deciding what you can buy.

To get the best deals when buying an engagement ring UK, follow the 4Cs that represent the carat, transparency, color, and cut that characterize the quality of a diamond. This is the GIA diamond grading system that has become the industry standard for jewelers.

A basic understanding of these grades before you buy will help you save money.


Carat is the weight of a diamond. The price of diamonds rises as you gain weight. Therefore, those with a limited budget should exclude 1 carat of diamonds from the price range. Instead, choosing a 0.5-carat diamond can save you a lot of money. Also, the a slight difference in diamond weight when a set is pretty cheap but not very important.


With white diamonds, color measures how close a diamond is to white. The most satisfactory D, E, and F are intended for colorless diamonds and are considered premium because they reflect the lightest and provide the most dramatic brilliance. Z is the lowest rating on this scale.

If you scale down with H, I, J, or K-rated stones, the price will drop between 25% and 35% of the premium, but it will still look good.


GIA’s 11-degree transparency scale describes defects both inside and outside the diamond. Grade ratings range from perfect (very rare) F to 3 or 13 included, considered the lowest transparency grade available. However, diamonds with grades below the highest grade may still appear bright. Choosing a less transparent stone-like SI1 or SI2 can save you a lot of money.


According to experts, it is the cut that has a significant impact on the reflective quality of diamonds. Well-cut diamonds are shiny and brilliant. Select the cut between the two highest scores of “excellent” and “very good” on the GIA scale to keep away from the “good,” “normal,” and “bad” cuts. The cost of “good” and “very good” is about 10% higher than that of “good,” but it makes sense to save the other 4Cs.


Suppose you find a particular stone interesting while shopping. Contact your retailer for a diamond grading report that shows the four C ratings for a particular diamond. The grading report provides a fair assessment of diamond quality and accurately represents what is being obtained.

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