Buying for adults can be particularly tricky, most presents are aimed at children or younger people, and buying for adults – especially when they are self-sufficient, can present the question of ‘what in the world do I buy for a grown up?!’. Thankfully, there are a few things which are perfect and take very little time to customise and make extra personal.


Find Out Hobbies and Interests

A perfect birthday gift is a present that can be linked to things that your loved one likes or likes doing. Sometimes it’s beer, sometimes travelling, reading and so on. It could be something totally left-field like Dungeons and Dragons, in which case you might find this site helpful to help you find a game for them that they don’t have yet. A gift that is related to their hobbies or interests will always be appreciated.

Don’t Stick to The Obvious

Think beyond the gift staple that they are likely to receive from others such as a bottle of their favourite beer, underwear, and the like. Consider looking for a unique gift. Go out of the way to get something they do not have or might not be expecting.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot

A gift does not have to cost you a fortune to be perfect. There are a lot of simple, unique and lovely gift items all around you. A surprise can often be better than the price tag.

price tag


For Him

  • If he loves a drink

If he loves a tipple, look for gifts related to alcoholic drinks. For example, you can gift some whisky stones and whisky glasses. You can also go for a wooden beer crate and a customised bottle opener. You can also consider buying home brewing kits, a fantastic development in the world of homebrewing, making it simple and easy for everyone. You can get kits for a whole range of drinks, including rum, cider and wine.

  • If he loves to travel

Think old school when it comes to gifting a traveller. Some of the yesteryear travelling equipment makes a good gift collection. You can go for a scratch map that mimics the old military strategy maps, a compass, a travel diary or a drinking glass with a city map etched onto it.

  • If he loves nature

Nature lovers would appreciate gifts like nature art, either in canvas or framed picture, a tabletop bonsai forest or the more expensive goldfish aquarium. Look for diverse ideas that touch on nature.

  • If he loves skin care

Skin care is big business for men nowadays. More and more men are investing in their grooming regimes, and one of the best ways to improve skin is to improve the razor you’re shaving with. Disposable razors can cause irritation and red bumps, so consider getting him a good quality straight razor to up his shave game. Look at for inspiration.


For Her

  • If she’s health conscious

Consider such gifts as a collection of different salt flavours for the food, a wearable heart rate monitor, a customised water bottle, or a workout DVD or book.

  • If she’s spiritual

Enhance her spirituality by presenting her with birthstone wishing balls or a chakra necklace to bring out the power from within. Yoga mats can also be a great gift, perfect for meditation sessions.

  • If she’s a writer

Help her keep lasting memoirs of her life by buying her a memoir book. Most memoir diaries are divided into several sections to help organise memories of the first dates, graduation, treasured relationships, and other important things in her life.

  • If she loves a bath

There are several kinds of unique handmade soaps in the market. You can go for wine soaps, mineral soaps, handmade herbal soaps and much more.

  • If she loves make-up

Ladies love to make a few touch ups throughout the day to look as perfect as when they left home in the morning. A travel size makeup kit can be perfect for touch ups on the go and can be easily carried around in a handbag. Look for one with a mirror, mascara applicator, some wet tissues, blotting paper, lip balm and powder.

make up


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