If your house is lucky enough to come with a garden, you probably get some basic use out of it at the very least. It might, for instance, provide the perfect playground and football pitch for the kids, or be used as an impromptu sunbathing and outside dining space during the warmer summer months. However, with a few simple improvements, your garden could be used for so much more, becoming an additional well-used living area in your property. To give you some ideas, here are some gifts you could give to yourself to improve your garden.

Garden furniture

You won’t be encouraged to spend a lot of time outside if your existing garden furniture is dirty and falling to pieces. Look for replacement investment pieces that are the best you can afford to give your garden space a luxury feel that makes you want to spend time outside. A rattan outside sofa set complete with upholstered cushions, for instance, brings the comfort of your living room outside. Or, if you want an option that’s a bit more adventurous and fun, why not channel a bit of 70s glamour with a rattan egg chair, or a swing chair? To prolong the life of your garden furniture investment, make sure you look after it by covering it from the elements when not in use – no one wants to sit on soggy cushions!

A pond

Tired of looking at the same patch of scruffy grass and bedraggled shrubs? Why not shake your garden up by getting some pond planting socks and adding a pond? In addition to providing visual interest, a pond will encourage wildlife to visit your garden – you might spot some creatures you’ve not seen before, such as dragonflies and newts, and you can also introduce some goldfish to your pond. Although water lilies are a standard pond favourite, make sure that you choose a wide variety of aquatic shrubs when planting up your pond, such as hornwort and willow moss: these will help to clean and oxygenate your pond water. However, make sure that you include pond pumps in your design to ensure that your pond remains a healthy and attractive ecosystem for you and the wildlife in your garden.

Outside heaters and gazebos

One of the main reasons why people don’t get the most use out of their gardens can perhaps be put down to the weather. Sunshine one minute, raining the next, you simply can’t rely on the great British weather. With higher temperatures seeming to occur only for a handful of weeks each year, it’s no wonder that most people would rather spend their relaxation time in the warmth and shelter of their house. Plan for this weather instability by adding a few outside heaters and a gazebo to your garden – many bars and restaurants do this to great success. You could even further invest in your outside shelter by building a heated summer house to which you can retreat when the rain starts, while still having the feel of being outside.

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