One of the most difficult things to figure out as a parent with school-age kids is what they should be eating for lunch on a daily basis. That seems like a relatively mundane question, but as soon as you start to delve deeper into it, you find out how difficult it is to find foodstuffs which tick all the boxes.

  1. You want to find foodstuffs which are convenient enough to prepare and pack with ease.
  2. You want to find items which are nutritional enough to be healthy for them to eat day after day.
  3. You want to make sure that these same products are something your child will actually like.

It isn’t a long checklist, but when the stakes and standards are as high as they are where your child’s diet is concerned, it can be hard to find something which meets all your criteria.

Enter Strings & Things. They’re among Britain’s favourite cheese products, and with good reason.

Here’s a brief look at how Kerry Food’s cheese string offerings are revolutionising lunchtime.

Perfectly Portable

First and foremost, Kerry Food’s string cheese are incredibly portable and easy to pack. They’re long, thin lengths of high-quality cheese rolled and sealed within plastic tubes. These packages are sturdy enough to keep the cheese safe and well stored without being a nightmare to open when your child’s ready to eat them.

All of this, in turn, keeps them from being a nightmare to pack. That’s good, because you need something that’s quick and easy to pack come morning time. You know how hectic things can be in the morning when everyone just woke up and they are bustling about trying to start the day. The last thing you need is something that keeps you in the kitchen forever, delaying your start to the day, as well as your child’s departure for school.

With portable string cheese, all you have to do is tuck it into the bottom of your child’s lunchbox and you and they are good to go.

Healthy for Kids

Children throughout Europe and North America are facing a nutrition problem. With so many sugar-laden to-go snacks out there, you as a parent need to make sure that your child has something nutritious to eat come snack time.

String cheese can be a big win here. The best string cheese products can boast significant amounts of calcium as well as Vitamin D, ensuring that your child is getting some of their recommended daily intake of these vital nutritional supplements.

Popular with Kids

Of course, you might purchase the healthiest food imaginable, but it won’t count for much if your child simply chucks it in the bin or trades it away come lunchtime. You want to make sure you’re choosing snack foods your child actually wants to eat. Luckily, with the rise of string cheese and popular options for younger kids like Cheeshapes, Kerry Foods offers cheese string products kids love.

Make sure your child’s getting the most out of lunchtime with the best cheese strings in Britain.

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