Spending an unusual amount of time indoors has no doubt become a regular necessity for people everywhere, whether it happens to be remote working, online courses, or the fact that cafés everywhere have had to close their doors for a while.

Sitting at home is bad enough, so surely, sitting around in the dark is far from ideal. In general, a well-lit home can offer a sense of tranquillity, safety, and positivity, all being subjects that have the habit of relating closely with one’s wellbeing.

Here are some great ways to lighten up your home in the hope that it will lift your spirits for the future.

Fresh Paint

If you happen to be looking for a new activity to turn your attention to in an effort to save your mind from withering in the latest lockdown, then you can always try painting.

Paint naturally dulls over time, dampening the atmosphere in a room to no end. Not only does old, chipped paint look bad, but it can hamper the natural sunlight in its efforts to brighten up the interior of your living space.

You can also use it as an attempt to cover up any stains and marks you might have accumulated over the years. This is great for maintaining, or even adding value to your home if you were thinking about selling someday.

If you were on a tight budget and wanted to completely revamp a room, a few fresh coats of paint might be the way to go.

Roof Windows

Sophisticated, modern, practical, and functional: that’s what you can expect when you invest in beautiful electric roof windows. You can control them with ease to let the light in however you want; plus, they look amazing.

They can be great if you are trapped inside on a balmy summer’s day, as they can let in the outside vibes while allowing you to remain indoors. Being able to look up at the sky from the comfort of your home interior is an added bonus.

Spring Cleaning

Despite how you might define it, decluttering plays an essential part in brightening up a room. By getting rid of your unwanted, tired old furniture, you can open up a whole new dimension of space, perfect for letting in the light.

Maybe you can learn to live without artificial light entirely when you have adequate space to move around after a good decluttering session. A little dusting can also work towards achieving a brighter atmosphere.

Natural light is important for your mental wellbeing, so making room to cater for the brighter spots in your home might be a good place to set up your home office.

Light and Slender Lamps

White lampshades and slender lighting fixtures can add space and brightness to a room without having to suffer from a bizarre yellow hue emitting from its bulb. Lamps with dimmer switches can be a great way to control the mood of a room, which is always nice for those of you in pursuit of that sublime Danish ‘hygge.’ However, if you prefer something more eye-catching, you could consider getting a custom chandelier made. That would brighten up the room and make it look a lot more elegant. Be sure to find the correct lighting to match your interior.

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Written by Kitty

There's nothing better than a weekend spent at a spa and total relaxation and happy thoughts is a way of life to me. It's lucky I love cats really with a name like mine! Happily married with my three fur babies to keep us company.