An appealing dental practice is crucial for bringing in more patients. If the dentist is unclean with poor décor, most people are unlikely to return, and they definitely won’t be recommending the place to friends and family! To ensure your patient list increases rather than declines, here’s how to make your dental practice more appealing.

Start with High-Quality Equipment

The first step is to purchase high-quality equipment that both your staff and your patients will like. Anything below average will become a nuisance to use and won’t produce the best results. Plus, higher quality equipment is usually easier to clean, contributing to a nicer environment overall. It’s not just the long-lasting equipment like the patient chairs and x-ray machine you need to think about, though – you also need to make sure you use the right dental consumables.

Practice Management Software

Make use of orthodontic practice management tool like Cloud 9 Software. Such software can instantly boost your practice productivity and efficiency of patient care. It can also help you manage the financials, patient tracking, and communications. Such technologies can keep your practice on the cutting edge.

Don’t Forget the Outside

The inside might be perfectly clean and fresh, but if the outside is grimy, many potential patients walking past won’t consider going to your practice. Getting the outside looking great might just mean hanging some plants and a fresh sign, or it might mean a full pressure wash and a fresh lick of paint. In this situation, it’s best to seek the help of a decorator, as they will be able to see which areas need improving the most.

Focus on Cleanliness

When it comes to an appealing dentist, cleanliness must be your top priority. After all, a dental practice is a medical facility – no one will trust you to fix their oral health if you can’t maintain a clean environment! Hiring a cleaner is the sensible option, but you should also ensure all staff know how to deep clean the space and the equipment when necessary. A tidying checklist helps with this.

Decorate the Space

A decorated space always looks better than plain walls and harsh lights, so breathe some life into the practice with colour and attractive lighting. As a dentist, you might want to hang up bright posters informing your patients about their oral health. As well as that, you could include framed paintings, indoor plants, and attractive lamps. Don’t forget some magazines for light entertainment while your patients wait.

Provide Comfortable Seating

You don’t want your patients to wait for long for an appointment, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide ample comfortable seating for them to relax in until they are called. A cushioned chair or sofa is much more appealing for waiting patients than a plastic chair! A relaxed patient is a happy patient.

Greet with a Warm Welcome

It’s not just about the exterior and interior when it comes to an appealing dental practice – it’s also about the welcome the patients receive. If the receptionist greets them with cold, short phrases, your patients won’t feel welcome. A warm and friendly hello, however, can instantly make a patient feel at ease.

Once you create an appealing dental practice, you’ll find your patients leave with a smile much bigger than before.

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Written by Kitty

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