Gifting a lovely colorful area rug to spruce up the house is an amazing idea for a housewarming present. Carpets give an instant (and cost-effective) facelift to any space and are multi-functional decor options. With websites like available for people to browse, there is no end to rug ideas.

There are a few things you can keep in mind while selecting the best carpet as a gifting option though.

Keep the house theme in mind

Keep in mind the overall color and warmth equations of the house. In case you haven’t seen the house and are going for the first time, opt for something neutral in terms of hues so that it matches every style and mood. If you know the overall color theme/ style of the house where the carpet will be placed, you can easily color coordinate and even go bold with the prints. If not, a simple beige or any neutral colored fluffy feel good carpet would do the trick.

Choose between a rug or a carpet

There’s not a big difference between a carpet and a rug but usually its size and shape. Rugs are smaller and come in a variety of shapes and carpets are usually large and come in rectangles/ squares. Area rugs can be a great addition to any living space and are generally preferred as gifting options.

Select style , size and texture

Size, style and color would largely depend on where the carpet is placed. Since you are giving it as a present, you really don’t know where the homeowner will place it. However, if you have visited the house and know if there’s a room that could use a rug, you can specifically sync your choices based on the size of the room and empty floor space available for decor.

Bold or subtle?

You need to have seen the house to decide if you want to opt for a colorful vivid bold design or a subtle neutral tone. If you haven’t seen the space, then definitely play it safe by going subtle.

This being said, you can really not go wrong with a carpet as a gift option – especially for a new home or a space you think can use some extra warmth or color. A throw rug is generally a great gift option and is cost effective as well as easy to pack/ send or carry.

Keeping these things in mind, you can easily select the best carpet.

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