Wine is a perfect gift for birthdays, special occasions, or holidays. Those who have no idea about where to start may be better purchasing a monthly wine subscription gift, as then the choices are made for you. Those that are prepared to choose a bottle of wine themselves should know that they will have a choice of dozens of unique tastes from a range of wine regions. However, picking the perfect bottle may not be that easy seeing as it will be a gift, and cannot be selected at random off the shelf.

Here is Gifted Penguin’s guide to selecting the perfect wine gift for your loved one.

1. Go for Mid-Range Priced Bottles

Great wines don’t have to break the bank, there are many great wines that are below 40 pounds. This pricing is ideal as it provides a step up from what the receiver may usually drink, but doesn’t send the money to waste if the wine is not to their taste. If you are having a gift exchange such as during the Christmas period, a mid-range priced bottle can eleviate the pressure for everyone to match up financially to an expensive bottle of wine. Of course, you can go more expensive if you want to, as long as you know that the receiver will definitely like the wine so it does not go to waste.

2. Experiment Beyond the Typical

Look for something beyond the popular grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and the like. Chances are, he/she will have drunk these many times as staples in the world of wine, and while everyone loves a free bottle of wine, to make the gift truly special, using tasting notes to find something similar in taste but with an extra edge. If they are open to new tones and brands, go for something that is less common such as Zinfandel and Malbec for red wines and Albarino for white. You can even try them with something like SHE CAN for a fun summer-side to drinking wine, where they can take it with them to festivals or garden concerts, etc. instead of lugging a massive bottle around! If you think that this may be a wise choice then go here to view more options on what to get.

chardonnay wine grapes

3. Buy from Familiar Regions

Have you visited a winemaking area recently? You may consider buying a bottle from the region, either while you’re there or when you return. Include a note or a letter in the gift that details the area and what you did/saw.

If you haven’t been to a wine region, choose one, popular or not well known and look at wines that they have to offer. To add an extra element to the gift of wine, add a note that describes the wine region and what to pair it with. Your wine merchant can help in the selection.

4. You Can Still Buy for Aficionados

Wine is a great gift for most of the people. However, you may feel challenged when picking a bottle of wine for a friend that knows more about the drink than you do and drinks it often. Most of the experienced wine lovers will still appreciate your effort at selecting a wine bottle for them. Following these tips can help you find a great bottle, even the aficionados will be fooled.

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5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Not sure whether to pick the reds, pinks or whites? Ask your wine merchant. You do not have to know all available wine options or make the right comparison. However, you can pick a good wine with a little professional help. Do not be afraid to ask for merchants’ opinion on your selected bottle. It will help you pick a perfect bottle.

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