1. The intense energy training helps raise the leg spindle quickly and safely during my workouts.

2. The thick boot amplifies the leg spindle – pumping it faster – making it more effective.

3. The thick boots help me immediately get off the leg stretcher and drive from the floor directly to the middle of the thigh, allowing me to recover faster from leg weights.

4. For leg pump training, the more intense the leg spindle is, the more sore and tired I will feel. The Nomatec boots allow me to recover quickly.

5. The boots help me stretch my leg muscles. This is one of the most effective techniques for recovery and muscle tightening.

6. Using leg pump training for training a muscle that is locked up or tight is very effective.

7. The thick boot is better for my muscle recovery. For leg pumps, the boot itself is pushing on the muscle at different angles. So it helps my recovery process a lot.

8. The Normatec boots is better for controlling and targeting my leg pump strength.

11. I get to spend more time using different muscles. The Normatec boots are great for targeting leg strength and stretching my leg muscles.

12. My calves are aching a lot less. The boot is pushing and squeezing the leg more and more each day. My calf muscle doesn’t get much longer and a lot tighter, but the calf muscle itself is getting bigger and stronger.

Even though the boot has a lot of benefits, I still recommend that you try and find a boot for yourself first and see how you like it. If you decide to continue using leg pumps and leg compression boots, remember to add in some cardio workouts. This will help your recovery greatly.

Stretching with Leg Press

For stretching the leg muscles, there are many great options. I recommend stretching the quadriceps muscle, which is the big muscle in the front of the leg. The more the muscle is stretched, the more the muscle can be tightened. It’s important to stretch all muscles because we have so much strength in them, but sometimes, when we are overusing the muscle, it starts to get tight.

Using the leg press on the legs will create lots of tension in the quadriceps muscle – stretching it a lot. I recommend adding in a body roller or foam roller as well. These help stretch the muscle in different areas. Then using body roller or foam roller, it makes a great combination for stretching the thigh muscles and the hip muscles.

To stretch out the hip muscles, I use the leg press. I use one leg at a time on the leg press. I put one leg onto the leg press and place the ankle that has the stretched leg onto the roller. Then I put the other leg onto the roller, and slowly move up. As I get higher, the hip muscle can be stretched further. If the hip muscle is already tight, I take my foot off the foot of the leg press and place it onto the hip roller as well. I slowly move up. If the hip muscle has a lot of tension, then it needs to stretch a lot more to be stretched and get that tension out. As you get further up, you’ll notice the hip muscle getting tighter and more limber. You’ll feel great and your hip muscles will feel great as well.

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Written by Kitty

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