Is your best friend getting married soon? Before sending her to her prince charming for a happily ever after ending, organize a bachelorette party for her. It’s a way of her saying goodbye to the single life with a bang and with no regrets (and, hey, maybe her husband-to-be has also had a similar idea and is looking to hire someone similar to these Chesapeake Strippers!)

If you have tons of friends who are going to be bridesmaids, then a bachelorette party with a male dancer is the perfect choice for you. Read more about hen parties in this link here. If you choose the right entertainers, you will have a very fun, sexy, festive, and cool celebratory night with everyone.

Where to Start

If you are wondering how to hire the best male entertainers, here are some advice from the experts. By following these pieces of advice, you can make sure that you know when to appropriately hire a male dancer, whether to choose clubs or invite them to your own place and how to find the proper company. Most professional companies will have a website, like this one here, so that’s a big indicator if the service you’re using is legit or not. So, be sure to check for an online presence when choosing your stripper!

When to Hire a Male Dancer

If you know that the bride-to-be loves parties, fun, and clubs, then hiring a male entertainer on her last night as a single woman can be an appropriate choice. Also, consider other people who will be attending the party. If the bride-to-be’s mother is present, then it might not be right to get a naked male dancer. Other fun-killing attendees can include the groom’s sisters, prudes, married folks, conservatives, and anyone who might not find the whole thing fun and exciting.

What to Do After Completing Your Invitations

After you are done making sure that all your girl best friends are invited and limiting the attendees, you are now ready to hire a male entertainer. Remember that the focus should be on the bride-to-be. She should enjoy every minute of her bachelorette party.

There are a lot of reasons why hiring a male entertainer is the best when it comes to bachelorette parties. This will be the bride’s last chance of touching and seeing a very attractive guy without feeling guilty of anything. There will be lots of firm buns and six-pack abs that every woman will enjoy. The experience can last for years and she will feel that she was able to experience everything before making the big leap.

One decision to consider is to whether to go to a club or hire a male stripper. Here are some pros and cons for these.

Pros of Going into Clubs

  • Can Accommodate a Huge Group
  • Lots of Men are Present
  • Entertainment is Ongoing for the Whole Night

Cons of Going to Club Revues

  • The drinks and the Food are Usually Expensive
  • Needs a Limousine or a Private Driver
  • The Focus is Not on the Bride-To-Be
  • Not a Private Affair

Pros of Hiring a Stripper for a Private Party

  • Can Choose a Stripper that Suits your Best Friend’s Taste
  • The Bride is the Center of the Show
  • Choose Food and Drinks
  • No Drunk Driving involved
  • Choose your Venue

Cons of Hiring a Stripper for your Own Affair

  • Not Many Men will be Available
  • May Not Last as Long as Those in a Club
  • Long Wait Times

Where to Look?

Nowadays, you only have to search for websites to find strippers, dancers, and male entertainers that are available in your area. You can go to links such as the Majesty Male Strippers website in order to know more information about bachelorette party services. You can try to search for private freelance entertainers through social platforms. You can chat with them privately and ask for their rates and availability.

You can also Google the right company. There are lots of companies that can provide you with a gallery of men who are available to perform for you and your friends during a bachelorette party. The company can show you whether it is near your location and customer support will be able to connect you to a stripper that is near your area. Another option is to search for Yelp and Business Listings in our area. There are lots of adult entertainers who can show up on your party whenever you need them.

If you live in a metropolitan area, you can ask nightclubs whether they have an available male dancer that can perform shows for your party. They should not be hard to find. If you know a stripper for hire, call them or make them refer their friends if they are not available. Note that the rates and the time for each performance can vary. If there are 20 or more women in the party, then hiring a male stripper for a private entertainment is a reasonable option.

I Found a Male Entertainer, What Should I Do Next?

If you have already found a company or a private freelance stripper, then here are some of the questions you should ask.

  • Can I see your pictures?
  • How much do you charge? Do you include travel charges for different locations?
  • How long will the entertainment last?
  • How many songs and dances are you going to perform?
  • Are there any specific rules about bachelorette parties?
  • Will you bring your own speaker or music?
  • Are you available on a specific date?
  • Do you come wearing various costumes?

Other Things that You Need to Do

Get the phone number of the stripper that you will be hiring. Phone numbers are convenient when they are late. Do not pay with cash. Pay with credit cards so you can file disputes when the performer does not show up on the agreed time and place. Sign a contract beforehand. You can get the agreement through an email or fax. Make sure that you are not dealing with flaky strippers. Remind them of the appointment two days or a day beforehand.

With a male entertainer, the bride-to-be will certainly enjoy a fun-filled night that she will not forget the rest of her life. As the entertainment goes on, there should be plenty of laughing, cheering, eating, and entertaining for everyone. Plan a proper bachelorette party today with the experts. You will never know if this will be the last time the bride-to-be is allowed to go to a party that has a sexy male dancer. Make it worth her while.

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