For those who have never been to North Wales, but are lured by the region’s sheer beauty which often features in the various travel guides covering the region, you’ll be happy to know that its natural beauty is not all which this iconic region has to offer – natural beauty which would be enough to have you extensively satisfied with your visit nevertheless…

For those travellers who also enjoy the cultural aspect of any place they visit, North Wales has quite a lot to offer, all throughout the year at that. Throughout the typical calendar year, North Wales hosts a fine selection of events worth attending and events which might have you making an annual trip to the region, just to get a taste of what can grow into a tradition. Each of these events boasts something uniquely special to it, however, every last one of them reflects the region’s culture in some or other way.

Just as the new year kicks off, the theatres in the North Wales region particularly come to life, hosting great performances which include musical and comic events – not to be missed for anyone who finds themselves in this part of the world in the early months of the year.

The performances which usher in the new year are often so explosive and intense that one often has to take a step back, relax and sort of digest everything that went down, with ample time to do so since the events calendar tends to take just a little bit of a break until Easter times approaches. When Easter time approaches, the many attractions officially reopen, each of which provides a brand new programme of events.

Summer brings with it events which come thick and fast, perhaps fuelled by a long-brewing hunger for the great outdoors inevitably aggravated by the colder winter months and mild-to-cold spring season. You can take your pick from some events which will have you getting active and perhaps working off some of that winter fat built up over the colder months spent indoors, as the locals usually do, otherwise, the events programme is filled with the likes of boat shows, half marathons, and even classic car trails. The skies are taken over by air shows, particularly in Rhyl and Llandudno, undoubtedly lighting the scene up with some sights to behold.

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Music festivals also do more than their fair bit to light up the summer, with some very notable ones including the likes of Europe’s largest music and wakeboarding event, Wakestock, as well as the International Music Eisteddfod.

Agricultural enthusiasts are in no way left out with the Anglesey Show making for just one of the agricultural shows held in the region.

September sees the region hosting various music festivals as well, while October is perhaps best known for the Conwy Food Festival, but there are many more events to look forward to leading up to the period approaching Christmas time, where the likes of Guy Fawkes is celebrated with some striking fireworks shows.

Santa arrives on a zip-line deep in the cold winter of December as part of the festive season celebrations, which also usher in a good few events to explore and enjoy.

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