Artificial turf is a contentious issue. On the one hand, it’s hailed as being more eco-friendly than a regular lawn because it doesn’t require water, fertilizer, or mowing to maintain its appearance. Another advantage is that several producers build synthetic grass from recycled plastic bottles and tires. With a wide range of lengths, textures, and colors to select from, fake grass is growing closer to the genuine thing in terms of appearance and feel.

Make Your Driveways Greener

A small stretch that goes beneath a parked car can be difficult to plant. The earth is frequently compacted as a result of car weight and is not connected to garden irrigation systems. Install a strip of synthetic turf to achieve the look of lush ground cover without the water or care. You could contact a Landscape Design expert to see if this would look good in your driveway or wherever you’re planning to install the turf.

Place it beneath your outdoor furniture.

On soft grass, outdoor loungers, chairs, and dining tables look inviting, but removing them for weekly mowing can be a pain. You won’t have to move your furnishings if you replace your living lawn with artificial turf in a small space.

Make an Easy-to-Clean Surface for Pets

Fake grass absorbs liquid waste without discoloring since it is designed to be permeable to rainwater. To maintain the surface clean, remove solid trash by hand and hose it off on a regular basis.

Use as a Soft Play Surface

AstroTurf is durable enough to endure high foot traffic while also providing a comfortable landing. It serves as a landing cushion beneath a children’s swing set in this backyard and is significantly softer than a deck or patio surface. Keep in mind that this application should only be used in places where the turf is not exposed to direct sunlight or reflected heat, both of which can cause the turf to become too hot to play on.


Place in Between Pavers

Ground covers that grow between pavers soften the hardscape and serve as a transition from the concrete portions to the garden beyond. While this is a beautiful design, it can be difficult to maintain with living grass since pavers obstruct the mower’s path. Artificial turf replicates the look of natural turf without the need for mowing.

Place it as a doormat on the floor.

Synthetic grass is a great way to transition from the outdoors to the inside. Use a section of it as a doormat for visitors to clean their feet on before entering. Faux turf is resilient, long-lasting, and easy to clean if it gets dirty.


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