Introduction to Breast Support Bands

Before this review begins, let’s clear up what breast support bands are and the supposed benefits of using them. Breast support bands are described by the Boobuddy themselves as an ‘athletic band design to effectively prevent breast bounce’ in a nutshell is exactly what they are. The primary benefit of using them according to every breast support band company is to protect your breasts from sagging.

Who are Boobuddy?

Boobuddy are a very respectable organisation the produces high-quality breast support bands across the world. Their product has been featuring on Buzzfeed and has had received plenty of praise from their customers. They were previously known as Booband but since they have rebranded.

The benefits

The list of benefits for this product is quite extensive. The Boobuddy can help prevent ligament damage, improve posture, enhance performance. It can help prevent damage caused by vertical and lateral movement. These are also benefits of sports bras but the main difference between the two is that the Boobuddy has a lot more stability and support. It can also be coupled with a sports bra.

Should you wear it?

Like every product, the Boobuddy is not for everybody, especially women who are not large breasted. If you’re not a large breasted woman, a good quality sports bra should provide you with enough protection to prevent breast damage. Now, if you’re particularly large and standard sports bras are not quite ‘protecting your assets’ Boobuddy is probably the perfect product for you.

I’m small-breasted, can I still wear it?

Yes, of course. It will stay help prevent ligament and breast sagging. But, if you already own a good quality sports bra that will probably be enough protection.

How do you wear it?

According to the Boobuddy themselves, you should place the Boobuddy across the top of the breasts. As mentioned, it can be coupled with a sports bra for added protection and fashion. It will not affect your performance and comfort.

When should you wear it?

You can wear the Boobuddy for occasional exercise and well as regular exercise. It can be used for both high and low impact activities. It is also ideal for both short and long duration workouts. So it doesn’t matter if you’re getting physical or going for the run, the Boobuddy has got you covered.

Product Quality.

This product has a great feel to it. It is very durable and looks as though it will last a very long time. Of course, this depends on how well you look after this product. It is recommended that you hand-wash your Boobuddy with a delicate detergent as a washing machine may stretch the elastic.

Final Verdict

I give the product an 8.5/10. Smart design, great support for largely breasted individuals, plenty of colours to choose from and an overall solid product. I would recommend this to active women looking to take their performance to the next level with the extra stability that the Boobuddy provides over other products on the market.






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Written by Kitty

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