Roller blading is popular for all kinds of reasons, people use it for competitive purposes and also as a way of keeping fit. Many people use skateboards as a way to commute to work and the inline skate industry continues to grow, especially in large urban environments. If you’ve no experience roller blading, it is important to take things slow.

Comfortable Gear

Before you start roller blading, it is vital that you purchase the right type of skates. If you’re based in London, you can purchase high-quality inline rollerblades from Slick Willies. They stock an assortment of skates designed to suit kids, adults, beginners and pros. They employ experienced, knowledgeable staff who understand the inline skating industry and all the top brands.

A good pair of skates should fit comfortably, they shouldn’t be too tight around your ankles and they must support you appropriately. You’ll be relying on your skates for support, so it is important to choose a pair that fit properly.

You’re going to fall, so the best thing you can do is skate prepared. You’ll need a good helmet, elbow and knee pads to help cushion the falls. Make sure your helmet fits correctly before you head off on your skates, it shouldn’t move a lot and the strap should feel comfortable once closed.

Practice Balancing

If you’ve never been ice skating or tried roller blading, you’ll find it difficult starting off. It can be challenging to learn how to balance, but the more you practice the better you’ll become. A good trick before you get on your blades is to try them on grass. The wheels won’t move as freely, and the grass provides you with more traction. If you can’t find any grass to practice on, you can also use gravel.

Where to Begin

The next step is to try out your new inline skates on tarmacadam, you’ll need a safe area free of any obstacles. The ground must be flat and smooth, so you don’t run into any holes or cracks which could cause you to fall.

Stopping > The most important thing to learn when you start roller blading is how to stop. Most quality roller blades come with a rubber stopper installed on the back of one or both of your skates. To stop you apply pressure to the back by lifting your toes and pushing your heel into the ground.

Turning > This skill will take a little more time to master, once you’ve learned how to stop correctly, you can practice turning. You’ll need to scissor your leg over, so if you’re turning left, your right leg will move over to help you turn.

Learning how to skate is an enjoyable experience and it can be done by people of all ages. Before you begin, it is imperative to purchase the right type of equipment. There are several top of the range skate shops in London where you’ll find great deals on some of the top brands in the industry. Take your time and keep practicing, you’ll be skating in no time.

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