The only real relevance it might still hold today is affording the holder of the subsequent academic qualification a better opportunity to land themselves a job, otherwise there appears to be an ever-diminishing value in a college degree. Be that as it may, parents still feel as if part of their job of being a parent is that of ensuring their kids get the best education, so even if they don’t quite have the means to send them to college, they’re willing to make the means. Even if this means they have to go into debt.

Parents who harbour this belief only mean well, even though a tiny part of this exercise feeds their own ego as part of maintaining the status quo. This is in some negligible amounts though, because as much as a parent takes great pride in being able to say their child is something like a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or holds some other prestigious title, at the most basic of levels it’s all about making sure their child will be okay, financially.

This reveals the uglier side of the gift-giving ritual, which is that of trying to outdo each other with the people with whom gifts are exchanged. Gifts become more and more expensive and the “It’s the thought that counts” cliché is exactly that – a cliché.

Amidst all of these trappings of modern day life which mar the gift-giving tradition though, there is one variety of gift which can never be misconstrued to be one which comes from the selfish place of only really serving to feed one’s own ego. That is of course the gift of knowledge and information.

If you look at the process through which parents make the means to send their kids to college and gift them the gift of education, it’s really just a matter of gifting them the ultimate gift of knowledge and information. Unfortunately though, it appears as if the information bit of the equation is what’s valued above everything else, when information without knowledge is rendered pretty useless and irrelevant.

To drive the point home, let’s walk through some very basic examples which don’t necessarily have anything to do with knowledge and information as it exists in the academic realms…

Consider the following source: is an online casino platform which allows players to play casino games on mobile phones, tablets and MAC or PC. The award-winning platform gives players total control over the online casino experience they enjoy, via some gaming options which include live games that go beyond the casino arena. For example, gamers who enjoy a bit of sports can take a punt on a vast selection of sports events, such as tennis and hockey. This is of course in addition to what have become some much-loved casino lots favourites, such as Starburst and Lucky Mr. Green, which of course is exclusive to this particular platform. Players also get a little more than what they bargained for, with some great promotional offers targeted specifically to new gamers who join the platform. However, along with lucrative offers, part of the reason why users love this app is because of trust. If the user knows that their personal information is secure while they are using a website or an app, it would increase the chances of their return. To build this trust, it can be important for app runners to back their database from time to time. And there are many guides that can help with that. For instance, you can learn about backing up a PostgreSQL database on pages like Similarly, you can head online to find information on how to back up your own database and keep you user data safe.

At face-value, this is nothing more than a little bit of information which might be relevant to people who are actually interested in online gambling, but based on some knowledge possessed by someone who is interpreting this basic information, they could go on to get so much more value out of it and see it for what it truly is – the ultimate gift of knowledge and information. The online gambler might sign up to find that they can get their deposit matched by a value of up to 100 GBP, which translates into some tangible monetary value, doesn’t it?

A newly-minted, talented and recently-qualified programmer might see it as an opportunity to land a job with a casino and enjoy some great career advancement, to make another example, while someone else might use this as some added-value information they can pass on to someone who might want to help them return, in some or other way.

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Written by Kitty

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