The cold weather is fast approaching for most of us and hence finding out a way to warm your house is at the back of everyone’s mind. If your water heater needs repair please do not wait for chilling weather to arrive before calling a plumber! One of the most costly processes is the conversion of energy into heat and this is even more important during winter when the chilled winds are damaging the lives of people when most of them try to stay toasty. Apart from damaging your health conditions, another area that suffers a lot is the water pipes. While there are companies like Heat-line that take care of your frozen water pipes, yet once the pipes are frozen, it becomes a huge hassle for the household members.

Nevertheless, here we will offer you with a list of the solar heating projects that can help you keep warm during the frozen winter season.

  • Solar Furnace

You can create this effortless and simple solar furnace and use it to heat your house during winter season. You can cut down heating costs by installing this solar furnace and keeping it in few of the most used rooms inside your house. The heat that is generated is warm enough and is comfortable for the people of the house.

  • Portable solar water heater

The solar water tank heater is portable enough and it functions in the best way as an emergency back-up when you go out for camping. You can leverage few simple materials that you could get at your disposal or that which you may even find lying around the garage. This kind of solar water tanker heater is even user-friendly.

  • Solar Heater

How about drinking a lot of soda and then creating the cost-effective solar panel? Well, you can use few simple designs to create this solar heater as this heater takes air from the bottom and then releases it out from the top. From just this small panel, you can get a 15 degree difference in heat. Now you can imagine what a larger solar heater could do for your house!

  • Solar thermal water heater

One more example of a thermal water heater is that it could be utilized in an environment where there is no sunlight. Majority of the materials that you may need to make this thermal water heater will be available from junk yards or may even lie near your house.

  • Solar Window Inserts

These are simple window inserts that you can size properly and fit it inside the windows and the best part is that they don’t block light or even the view. Have you heard about the thing that makes emergency blankets called Aluminized Mylar? This is the material that is used in window inserts as you can see through it. The material not just blocks the light but also reflects heat considerably.

Just as is a company that helps you with rental scales, measurement and lab instruments, you too can seek help of a professional expert that can help you with warming your home with the help of solar projects during winter.

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