Becoming a parent is one of the most special things a person can experience, with most people agreeing that the birth of their child was amongst one of the happiest days of their life. There are so many milestones that go along with parenting that sometimes it can be hard to capture all the special moments before they pass you by. It’s easy to have good intentions for the first year as well, but best-laid plans always tend to fade away when the fun (but crazy) first year starts! Regardless of this, there are so many ways to make that first year special that don’t involve too much of your time and can be a beautiful reminder of those special first few months.

One of the most creative things you can do is to buy a cheap scrapbook before the baby is born and start collecting all sorts of things relating to your first year as a parent. Keep tickets for days out (ie. the first trip to the zoo!), jot down their first sounds or words, note the days of special moments such as when they crawl, and write little stories of anything funny or memorable that happened on a particular day! Take photographs of your bundle of joy all the time (which I’m sure won’t be difficult!) to commemorate each new thing and you will soon start to build a collection which you can form into a scrapbook. Birthday parties, christenings, mothers and fathers days can all be wonderful occasions to commemorate, but even the smallest moments such as new outfits, funny incidents or bad hair days can make wonderful photographs and memories to look back on.

Frame Their First Outfit
Something really cute and easy to do is to frame their outfit that you brought them home in, including their wristband from the hospital. This is a cheap and quick thing to do that will bring back memories of that first special day and will have you thinking about your first moments together. You can always look back on this and think about how big they’ve gotten or how the fashion has changed over the years! Whilst remembering the birthing process might not be your favourite thing to do, as the years pass, things like this will become incredibly special additions to your household. You can also be as creative as you like – from the layout, to the frame, messages and the items you place in it, this can be incredibly unique to you and your family!

Memento Jewellery
Jewellery can be a special way to remember those first few months you have with your child, or can even be used to commemorate the day your little one was born. Necklaces are a popular option for memento jewellery as these can be easy customised or adapted to suit the wearer. Alternatively, you could buy some healing crystal fertility jewelry as a way to celebrate the birth. Engrave your favourite jewellery with your baby’s name or date of birth, and you will have something lasting to treasure forever. You can also have the option to have your baby’s hand prints or footprints imprinted on jewellery for a really special touch. Why not get your baby’s week old handprints put on a heart necklace as the perfect keepsake for your new family member? This will also make a wonderful gift for any mums or dads that you know out there for special occasions.

Keeping a blog is a great way to diarise your daily life with your new born as they grow up. You may not have a lot of time to devote to this, but this can be something that you only have to do once a week, or by writing a couple of lines every few days. Write about the negative experiences just as much as you would write about the positive things, as this will give you a place to air your frustrations (and there are bound to be some!), and will also allow you to look back fondly on the special moments. The bad moments may even become funnier talking points for years to come! Whatever your favourite idea is, hopefully this has given you some inspiration to commemorate your baby’s first year in a special way.

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Written by Kitty

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