There’s nothing more exciting than being a new parent – being able to have your very own child to love and cherish. The question is, what sort of gifts do you buy for new parents without them ending up with 30 identical baby gowns?

It really depends on what sort of parents they are. Constantly traveling parents could find a feature stroller most useful, whereas parents who stay at home a lot may find a baby cot to be the best gift. It all depends on the situation, but if you’re looking for general all-purpose gifts for new parents, you’ve come to the right place – here are our favourite three.

Comfortable Bedding

New parents are always going to want to make sure their new child is comfy, warm, and safe – and one of the best ways to do this is to make sure they’re sleeping right. Buying some sensory bedding will allow the new parents to sleep easy knowing their child is comfortable and cosy in their bed. Plus, it’s a benefit for them too – it means there’ll be fewer night-time wake up calls. This is a gift that truly benefits everyone and is the perfect way to show new parents you’re not only thinking of the baby but thinking of them, too.

Portable Changing Mat

Babies produce a lot of stuff, and it can be a challenge to get used to this frequent, unexpected timing and schedule for new parents. Gifting them a portable changing mat makes this adjustment ten times easier. Now, wherever they go, they won’t have to worry about any accidents and will be able to make sure their child can be sorted quickly in case of emergencies. Most portable changing mats come with a built-in pillow, a case for baby wipes, and tons of storage space for diapers and creams, meaning they don’t need to worry about digging through a bag to find what you need – everything is right there for them. This is the perfect gift for those new to parenting.

A Cushy Dressing Gown

Babies are hard work – there’s no denying that. After a long day, there’s nothing that new parents will want to do more than kick back and relax – so why not let them do it in the ultimate style and comfort? Buying them a cushy new dressing gown allows them to do just that – it’s something easy to wear around the house, and can offer them a little extra luxury after a hard day. It’s also perfect, as it’s easy to slip on if there’s a problem in the night, or if there are any unexpected wake-up calls, meaning it’s the ideal choice for new parents. Why not show your love and understanding of the hard work needed to raise a baby by offering new parents one of these ultimate dressing gowns? Or buy them a comfy onesie – it’s perfect for new parents stuck at home all day long.

Being a new parent is one of the most rewarding experiences of life but is also one of the most challenging. Offering one of these gifts to new parents will make their life and their child’s a lot easier and less stressful, giving them the quality time they truly deserve.

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Written by Kitty

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