Highlights of the Lego City Sets

LEGO City is an amazing section of the LEGO franchise that allows children to expand their imaginations and build their own unique cities. LEGO City provides a wide range of interesting pieces and sets so that children can let all their ideas run wild and combine all the interests that they treasure together in their creations. This article will give you an introduction to some of the most exciting kinds of LEGO City sets that you can purchase for your own children’s playtime adventures.


The first LEGO City sets that you need to begin your development are some essential townscape sets. These are the buildings that will make up the skeleton of your city and structure the space where your LEGO characters, vehicles and creatures can live and adventure. Among the great locations you can add to your city are a main square, a tuning workshop where cars can be repaired, a police station, and a fire department. All these great locals will make your city more interesting and allow you to stage your own great adventures.  

Great Vehicles

One of the most exciting elements of any LEGO City is the incredible vehicles that you can build to zoom around town and carry all your beloved LEGO characters. The previously mentioned police station and fire station sets come with their own police vehicles and fire trucks, an essential part of any cityscape’s roadways. 

The police set also features helicopters, a transportation truck, and even a monster truck for car chases. The fire station sets also have a motorcycle for responding to fire emergencies and vehicles equipped to respond to forest fires. For some additional vehicle fun, there are also a variety of City Stuntz sets with stunt parks and a variety of motorcycles and monster trucks for you to create amazing vehicle shows with. 

Ocean Exploration

If staying on the land alone is not enough adventure for your LEGO City dwellers, you can expand your exploration to the open ocean. The ocean exploration expansion sets include many exciting additions, including a large exploration ship, an undersea research base, and both large and mini exploration submarines. In addition to exciting underwater exploration vehicles, these sets are also equipped with exciting underwater creatures to investigate.

Space Exploration

After exploring the high seas, you can add even more excitement to your LEGO City by building facilities for space exploration and adventuring to the stars. These kits come equipped with a shuttle launch site and a rocket, rocket assembly and transportation vehicles, as well as Mars rover and research shuttles.

Amazing LEGO City Adventures

With so many great LEGO City sets to choose from, you are sure to have all the resources you need to build the most amazing city possible. The diverse amount of available pieces means that anything is possible for young LEGO enthusiasts. Check out your nearest LEGO store today to get started on your own LEGO City adventure.

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