If you’re thinking of doing a bit of travelling but the mere thought of having to sit in the same seat, listening to the same coughs and sneezes and children screaming for hours on end makes your stomach churn, then here’s a few places that aren’t too far away from home that may take your fancy.

Zandvoort, The Netherlands – Flight to Amsterdam – approx. 1hr

zandvoort short flight

If you’re looking for a beach break that doesn’t involve Blackpool Tower photobombing your every picture, then unexpectedly, The Netherlands may have an alternative for you. Zandvoort is one of the major beach resorts and is around 45 minutes away from the city centre of Amsterdam, offering a long sandy beach for relaxing unless you want to take up any beach sports, then they’re available too at ‘Sandy Hill’.

Not too far away is also Zuid- Kennemerland Park (bit of a mouthful) – a national park where you can walk, cycle or horseback ride around its beautiful dune lakes or down its coast. It may be worth planning ahead when visiting the park as there are many festivals, markets and performances that take place throughout different times of the year.

Brussels, Belgium- Flight to Brussels – approx. 1hr 20

brussels short flight

If the beach isn’t really your scene for a short break or you prefer to gaze at amazing architecture and beautiful buildings, then Brussels may be a great place for you. Around Christmas, the city is full of traditional markets where you may find some not-so-obvious gifts for your loved ones. If you’re visiting at a different time of year and enjoy being a cultural tourist then there are a few stops that may be worth a quick look.

The Grand Place has a buzzing atmosphere in the day and in the night. Voted the Most Beautiful Square in 2010, Grand Place has become the centre spot in the city, surrounded by beautiful buildings, shops, restaurants and museums, it’s an all rounder for starting the day off, especially if you have limited time to see this city.

The Royal Palace of Brussels is another cultural spot that’s well worth your time if you have it on your break. With tours taking place throughout the summer offering an in-depth look at the state rooms of the grand palace along with a tour of the Throne Room.

Belfast, Ireland- Flight to Belfast – approx. 1hr

belfast short flight

If you like being a little closer to home and enjoy a great atmosphere and a drink then Ireland is always a favourite. Not to use stereotypes but the chances of you having a grand old time in Belfast is pretty much a given and here are a few places you might want to search out depending on what you want your night to be.

The Dirty Onion

The sensible side of our brain tells us to line our stomachs before we have a few drinks and why not do both at the same time. With ‘Yardbird’ upstairs offering a rotisserie chicken restaurant then you have no excuse to fall back on when you’re hungover.

Duke of York

Loved for its atmosphere and great service this little gem should definitely be a place of interest if you want to see what real pub feels like, as well as looking brilliant inside.

Berts Jazz Bar

If you’re looking for something more, then this Jazz bar offers great food and service along with live music to contribute to the amazing atmosphere.

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