In the advent of celebrating the idea of subscription boxes, we thought we would introduce you the names behind them… after all, if it wasn’t for these hard-working and reputable companies, there would be no subscription box coming to your door, or no surprise item in your desk drawer and not even your pet’s funky treats in his bowl! What a disappointing week that will be…

Check out the top 5 subscription box companies from Subscriptionboxmania ranging from the oldest to the youngest ones.


It was inevitable that we had to add this name to our list, not only because they are one of the most reasonably priced subscriptions out there, but more importantly, they were one of the first companies to start their idea back in 2010, to distribute both beauty and grooming boxes to the world. Theirs is a New-York based company that sends its subscribers a box of up to five samples from various makeup brands and other beauty-related products too. Such as perfumes, organic and cruelty-free samples.

What started as a $1.4 million seed investment, in 2018 grew to a staggering £90 million in funding and 2019 has just over 2.5 million active subscribers. Their process is simple, you go onto their website, subscribe to their services and fill in a “beauty profile with your choice of information relating to what you like and what your preferences are.

Klutchclub aka Urthbox

 If your health is a priority, Urthbox is your friend.Areyou a health buff or coeliac who only eats Gluten-free foods or perhaps you prefer only organic and natural sources? Whatever your desire, this establishment is the right choice for your lifestyle. This company sends its customers a monthly box chock-full of healthy treats – snacks, beverages and other stuff you are guaranteed to enjoy…and up to 30 different products in one box! wow!

Their later adoption in 2012, gave them a reason to be part of this trend and they have never looked back. Slightly higher in price than its predecessor, at $14 per box, its surely not a bad investment in the health front. You can choose from their different size ranges from mini, small, medium and large.

Their process is simple, you choose a box, decide what type you want – gluten-free, organic, vegan etc, set up your account and off you go to the races! You can earn points and membership discounts as well. Sounds just about right!  


Now onto something that appeals to your wild side! We have to keep everyone in mind…Do you like your cocktails or love your cocktails? If your bored with the usual Gin and Tonic on a Saturday night and are looking for that extra oompf! Julibox is your calling. When you sign up for their box, you transform instantly into the best bartender money can buy…in your house.

With each box, you will receive two cocktail recipes made for two, so four in total. You can do the happy dance while mixing it up like a pro in your kitchen or back yard. Impressed much? I would say, yes! Comes straight from the mixologists of the company, right to your doorstep. Dare I say order a couple for that next garden party?  Get some other recipe ideas online.


Yup, you guessed it. This one is for your four-legged friend. We did say we cover all areas…and why should we leave these poochies out? They deserve to be pampered just as much (sometimes more) than we do, and this is a perfect company to help you with that.

This one is based on your dogs’ size and the box that gets delivered will be full of treats for him or her. Treat your little on to pet shampoo, plaque bursting chewie, funky leashes, bones and yummy treats. You can’t go wrong with these guys. As if that’s not good enough, they throw in a free mystery toy for them every month, too.

With over 2 million dogs served and counting, you know you will not only love what you get to buy your pet will love you ten times more too! Not only do they have BarkBox, but also 5 other branches of different products to choose from namely: BarkRetail, BarkPark, Bark Bright, SuperChewer and BarkShop. Looks to us like the woof-party has just begun!

Craft Coffee

See the source image

Last but not least on our list, is the box that belongs to all our coffee connoisseurs. If you’re into the simple life – we want you to have this one. It’s all about the coffee, and nothing else. no frills or quirky extras, just good ‘ol plain caffeine. Yup, you can smell the aroma already, can’t you?

Craft coffee is one of those services that you would think, have been around for decades, but the truth is this well-established, no-fuss company has only been in our world since 2011. And already giants like ‘fortune magazine’ has dubbed them as the “internet coffee company”.  they were one of the first to couple technology and coffee together to deliver it to your home for as little as $6.99 per 12oz bag – your mornings just got better!

They have a choice of speciality coffees from all over the world. Places like Latin-American, Africa, Indonesia and Sumatra. We have no words! Okay, maybe a few words…you’re in for a treat. Period.

We hope you have enjoyed this list as much as we have putting it together for you! In any order, trying out one from each of these categories is not a bad idea to start and end your month on a full note…

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Written by Kitty

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